How To Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles

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When many people think of abs, they think of the six-pack in the front of the abdomen, which is just made up of six small muscles. It's much more than that. Our core muscles are made up of 35 muscles that help us connect our upper body to our lower body, making us bend forward, backward, left and right, and round and round.

A common mistake people make when exercising is to overwork their front abdominals, also known as rectus abdominis. If you focus on these muscles to the neglect of others, you end up with a forward-leaning posture, even a dog illusion, and perhaps no extra fat at all. This can also lead to lower back pain and poor posture.

With that said, here's a list of some major muscle groups, as well as moves and exercises you can try to strengthen the entire core -- so you can watch and exercise at your best.

Flex forward to work the rectus abdominis.

For this move, I like to use a spear board for support. To do this, do push-ups on the floor, slowly contract the front of your abdomen and move your navel closer to your sternum; And vice versa. Once you've contracted in this movement, slowly open your belly and return to a neutral position.

Bend backwards, erector spinae.

For this move, I like an alternate superman. Lie face down on the ground, arms out in front, legs back, slowly raise left arm and right leg, then lower back to the ground. Then do the same for the other side. Go straight back and forth. This is a great move that opens up the front of the abdomen and strengthens the back of the core.

Oblique muscles from side to side.

Try the dumbbell side strap exercise: With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the dumbbell in your right hand and hang it on your right side. Bend your left arm and press the fingertips of your left hand over your left temple. As your left elbow comes up to the ceiling, slowly let the dumbbell slide down your side, then as the dumbbell gradually returns to the starting position, contract your left side.

What's more,you can set a schedule for exercise and implement it.BP doctor watch can help you better achieve your goals.