How to Install the BP Doctor Smartwatch APP "HealthWear" on Your Phone

How to Install the BP Doctor Smartwatch APP "HealthWear" on Your Phone

For BP Doctor Med 6,7 and BP Doctor Pro 12, as well as BP Doctor Pro 13, please install the APP "HealthWear".

Our BP Doctor smartwatch can be connected with the "HealthWear" APP. After you get the watch, if you want to check or monitor your physical condition on your phone, you need to install the APP on your phone.

This APP can be installed in three ways:

  1. There is a QR code on the instruction manual. Scan it to install the "HealthWear" App.
  2. You can scan the QR code by following the instructions below: After you receive the watch, open the watch, gently slide down with your finger, select the QR code button in the middle, and scan it with your phone to install the APP.
  3. You can enter the major application markets to download and install the "HealthWear" App.

Note: Device requirements: iOS 11.0 and above; Android 6.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 supported.

The installation procedure of the App is as follows:
1. Open the mobile client and set up personal information (We currently only support email registration)
2. Switch to the "Device" page and click on the binding device
3. Click on your device in the list of scanned devices to complete the binding.
Depending on the Bluetooth signal strength, it may take a few seconds to complete the connection.


bluetooth connection


TIPS: When installing the APP, some windows will pop up a confirmation, please choose to accept, otherwise the APP on the mobile phone will not be able to track and synchronize some data. If you have already installed the APP, please check whether all installations are successful. The options are colored green as shown in the screenshot below.


How to install "Healthwear"


If there are any usage questions, please feel free to contact us.