How to Measure Blood Oxygen With Smart Watch

Blood Oxygen Smart Watch

People who snore: Snoring may cause short-term or long-term breathing obstruction, which may lead to hypoxia, which can lead to poor sleep quality and even organ damage.

Excessive mental workers: The oxygen consumption of the brain of these people is higher than that of ordinary people. Long-term lack of oxygen in the brain may cause drowsiness, weakness, lethargy, and poor memory.

Elderly people/ventilator users: The heart and lung organs of the elderly are physiologically aging, and they are prone to insufficient oxygen intake and insufficient oxygen supply. When blood oxygen is lower than the warning level in daily testing, oxygen should be supplemented in time.

People in alpine/altitude hypoxic environments: Altitude has a greater impact on blood oxygen levels. The oxygen content in the air at high altitudes is thin, which may cause hypoxia in the human body, which can seriously lead to dizziness, altitude sickness, etc. Generally blood oxygen is less than 90%, there may be risks.

How to measure blood oxygen with BP doctor watch: Through in-depth optimization of hardware optical path and algorithm, multi-light source fusion, signal extraction, signal enhancement, algorithm training, abnormal suppression using the different characteristics of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin on specific light reflection and absorption and other measures to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood flowing under the skin.