How to Prepare for a Turkey Run

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - one of my favorite ways to celebrate is with a local turkey race - usually a 5K. It wouldn't be like Thanksgiving unless I ran a race that morning to earn extra calories later in the day!

If you've never run a turkey trot, I want to encourage you and help you prepare -- even if it's only for a few weeks. This holiday game could be the catalyst for your physical breakthrough. Also, they are a lot of fun!

Start where you are.
Start your Turkish trot training with your personal fitness level. Many people try to start a program where it started. However, if you can only run or walk one mile, starting a program with a three-mile loop can be detrimental to your health, not to mention your confidence.

It's also important to note that if you're not already a runner, walking is a very good place to start. Just make sure you start there, this will lead me to the next point. Keep your progress as slow and gradual as possible. This way, your body will barely feel the increase in training, regardless of your level.

Change your pace.
It's also a good idea to change the way you exercise, adjusting the intensity or volume (or both) to keep your muscles in constant flux. One of the most common mistakes I see runners make is that they don't completely change these factors. Therefore, the body will simply adapt and progress will stall. try to confuse things. Whether that means adding intervals to your training (like speeding up your pace during a one-minute race—walkers can do that too!), or adding a long, slow run to your week.

Lastly, try not to prove anything to yourself and don't "rotate" in training. Cramping can be useful for college exams, but for racing it can only be detrimental. Even if you're not fully prepared for the turkey trot, don't ramp up your training before race day. You'll just tire yourself out and make things harder for you. Refreshing, energized, and undertrained is much better than overtraining, fatigued, and fatigued at the starting line.

If you've been training hard, it's actually a good idea to taper off your training volume in the last few days (or week) before a competition. This will help conserve your energy.

as long as it appears
If you feel unprepared for this year's turkey trot and don't have time to race, you should race anyway. Remember: walking is always an option! At the very least, your experience can serve as a springboard for your future fitness goals. The race atmosphere can be one of the most exciting environments a runner can experience for future training. Also, I've always said that the most important factor in any physical breakthrough is constant spiritual gratitude.

Most of all, I hope your turkey trot is filled with gratitude, fond memories and delicious food as a reward!