How to Soothe Your Shoulders by Adjusting Your Lifestyle

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In order to improve shoulder pain, you must have tried a lot of massage and relaxation methods. This symptom can also be alleviated by changing your living habits, let's take a look.

1 Choose low and firm pillows.

Too many pillows can cause your neck to bend unnaturally, or lead to poor sleeping position, causing neck tension. Sleep on no more than two pillows, or simply use a functional pillow that contours to the curve of your neck, which provides good support for your head and neck and keeps your spine in a straight line.

  • Lying on your back is the best sleeping position to relieve neck tension, as it allows your entire spine to be attached to the bed. If you like to sleep on your side or on your stomach, the pillow should be no higher than 10 to 15 cm above the bed.


2 You should pay attention to adjust your posture when sitting or standing for a long time.

Neck tension is usually caused by sitting in the same position, such as working at a computer for long periods of time or driving for hours on end. Adjusting your posture and avoiding prolonged immobility is a good way to relieve neck tension and maintain a healthy spine.

  • When using the computer for a long time, try to adjust your sitting posture and keep your spine in a straight line, so as not to cause unnecessary pressure on the neck. Adjust the height of the computer screen to be at eye level. When adjusting the monitor, pay attention to the height of your seat and ensure that your eyes are directly centered on the screen.
  • The head should also be kept in the center of the screen, do not tilt your head or look at the screen sideways. You should also pay attention when using other devices, such as using headphones when you can't free your hands to answer the phone, instead of holding the phone between your head and shoulders.
  • If you need to look back and forth between the screen and the data when entering data, it is recommended to use a bracket to fix the data next to the screen, so that you don’t have to twist your neck back and forth.
  • Combine work and rest, get up and move around every 30 minutes of work, so that the neck will not be stiff.


3 Drink plenty of water.

The spinal cord contains a lot of water. Drinking plenty of water can replenish the water needed by the body and ensure the health of the spine. It is recommended to drink at least five to eight glasses of water per day.


4 Exercise at least 150 minutes a week.

Being active at least once a day can help relieve muscle tension, stretch your muscles, and prevent muscle stiffness. If you are afraid of straining your neck muscles, you can choose gentler exercises such as yoga, swimming or jogging.

  • After a tense situation in the neck, never overwork it. If your neck is tense and sore, don't try any contact sports, and high-intensity exercises like aerobics are also not recommended.


5 Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen

If the neck pain is severe, even to the point where you can't stretch, you can continue to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve it.

  • If neck pain persists for days, or even weeks, seek medical attention in addition to pain relievers. Your doctor may examine your neck and ask about your daily activities to see if your neck pain is due to other underlying conditions.

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