How To Widen Your Back?

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Now more and more people like to exercise, and many people have higher and higher requirements for the back, but in fact the back is not easy to practice. If you don't practice well, the back will be thinner than cardboard. If you want to know whether a person is working hard when exercising, you can see it from the thinness of the back.

Especially for some men, a wide back is very important, which is more conducive to increasing the muscles of the back. If you don't have muscles in your back now, the rest of the body won't look three-dimensional and plump at all. In order to make everyone more efficient when exercising, today I will share with you 3 common movements. These three movements have a great effect on improving the width of the back, but in training, a mixed combination of exercises is required to achieve the desired effect.

1. Pull-ups with positive and negative grips

When doing this movement, you should pay attention to the body's center of gravity is to use the back to exert strength, not the arms. When doing pull-ups, more of your strength comes from the biceps. Both positive and negative grip movements will actually stimulate the back to a certain extent. From the perspective of the difficulty of the movement, it is very convenient to do pull-ups with reverse grip. In fact, try to use the biceps brachii as much as possible to borrow force during the movement. This is very important for back exercise. Pull-ups are a more important movement in back exercises, which can make the back wider. After a long period of training, you can achieve a V-shaped physique on your back, making your whole person more stylish and adding points to your temperament.

You need to wear a weight-bearing belt of about 15 to 25kg on your waist. This belt will be more conspicuous during the whole process of doing the movement, and it is also extremely important for the completion of the movement. Therefore, pull-ups can play a big role in the entire training plan. You can practice about 4-5 times a week, and it will almost have an effect.

The correct pull-up requires a little skill. The editor breaks down the movements as follows:

1. Grasp the horizontal bar with your hands first, then slightly bend your elbows, and hang on the horizontal bar. This is your initial body posture.

2. There are different types of slingshots. When you do a supinated grip, you rotate inwardly, when you hold a pronated grip, you rotate outwardly, and when you hold a pronated grip, your palms face each other.

3. During the movement, remember to use your elbows to exert force to complete the whole movement.

4. When you pull up with both hands, you must pull the horizontal bar to the chest position, keep it still, and then slowly lower it.

5. Note that during the movement, the chin must exceed the horizontal bar. If you can't do this, the set isn't complete, and the pull-up isn't complete.

For the pull-up movement, from the first time you do the movement, each group of movements should be increased by 1 until the number of movements reaches 10, or the body's endurance reaches the limit. End when exhausted. You have to remember that when you can't complete three sets of pull-ups, you need to use elastic bands to help. Even for the strongest athletes, elastic bands may be needed. In fact, when doing pull-ups, it is the most energy-consuming movement, and there is a rest period of about 15-60 seconds between each set of movements.

2. Barbell/dumbbell rowing

Although the last one is the best exercise for the back, no back training plan would be complete without rowing. Barbell and dumbbell rowing can make the back thicker, so the back will be more three-dimensional. In fact, this action is also a very important action in bodybuilding training. There are many champions and athletes whose backs are built with barbell rows and dumbbell rows.

Some friends want to replace these two movements with equipment rowing, but the effect after the movement is not obvious enough

1. Although bending over to do dumbbell rowing can't bear more weight like a barbell, and at the same time, the range of motion of the action is larger.

1. The opposite grip is also a very standard grip, but when you rotate your wrist at the lowest point during the movement, it will make the movement more difficult, and it can also stimulate the muscles.

2. You can use only one arm to complete the action of dumbbell rowing. This relatively standard two-handed rowing will bear more weight.

4. Whether you use barbells or dumbbells when rowing, as long as you can do continuous movements, the back will appear wider and thicker, and the overall shape will be better shaped.

3. Deadlift

If your ultimate goal is to achieve a more muscular back, the deadlift is a great choice. Generally speaking, the traditional deadlift can bear more weight, but the Romanian deadlift will keep the muscles under tension for a longer period of time, while also allowing the muscles to grow faster. On the day of leg training, you can do Romanian deadlifts, combined with traditional deadlifts to increase exercise intensity. There's a lot more involvement when you're doing legs, so it feels more natural when you're doing lower body work as well. There are many benefits to doing deadlifts regularly, but you don't have to worry about overtraining your muscles, which will make your back more elastic and more adaptable to movements. In one day, you can not only practice the back, but also practice the legs, which can achieve a complementary effect.

The above three actions are a simple training plan for the back. When implementing the plan, you can devote one day to training the upper body, so that we can improve our focus to train our muscles when exercising. In order to better stimulate the growth mechanism of the muscles, you cannot relax the training of the back. You have to constantly deliberate and find the exercise method that suits you, and you can see your changes.

In fact, when many small partners are exercising their backs, it is difficult to grasp the appropriate strength, and they seem a little powerless. However, you must pay more attention to the movements and skills of the back movements. If the time is not well controlled, a lot of time will be wasted. Remember that when doing the second half of the movement, the state of the body should be tilted backward, and the movement must be stable. BP Smartwatch can not only record your exercise time and help you plan your exercise schedule; it can also monitor various aspects of your body data to allow you to exercise more safely.