How ToTurn Your Walk Into A Full-Body Workout On The Track

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School sports facilities aren't just for kids: going to your local playground during the school holidays can help you pick up the pace and get an important workout.Walking on the track is a visual reminder of how far you've come, which can motivate you to keep going. Four turns make a mile! And since a lot of track surfaces are slightly padded, rubber surfaces, it's easier on your joints on your steps.The track is also well lit. An evening walk is a great option without the need for a car. Bonus? Warm up, stretch, do core exercises, etc. Use the center court and sturdy benches or bleachers nearby.

Are you ready to step up? Here's how to turn your walk into a total body builder.

Work out all over the track.
Step 1: Warm up by walking around the track and relaxing your body to a moderate pace to get into the fat-burning zone.

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Step 2: On lap 2, accelerate on the long straight of the track and breathe as you turn. If you're just starting out, do the opposite. The longer you walk, the slower you walk and the faster you walk. Several studies have shown that increasing intensity in this way for a short time can provide similar aerobic benefits for a longer and slower time. Mixing your speed and intensity also keeps your brain busy, which can motivate you to get things done!

Step 3: Do two fun weights in the stands:1.instruction:Stand in front of a low bench or platform with your right foot flat on it. Keep your abs tight toward your spine, pressing your thighs up against your body. Tap your left foot on the bench and take a step back to begin. Alternate legs 20 times.2.Up and down the bench:Sit on a bench or stand with your hands on either side of the surface, pointing your knuckles forward. Move your feet outward, knees slightly bent, and slowly lower your body a few inches to land comfortably on the ground. Don't wear it too low, which can put pressure on your shoulders and wrists.) Back to the beginning. Complete 10 sets.

Step 4: Walk around the track for the third time, speeding up or slowing down as you did in step 2.

Step 5: Stop in the stands again and do another round of push-ups and bench presses.

Step 6: Walk the last lap of the track at a brisk pace. Try to keep it from beginning to end.

Step 7: Go on site and do some core work.Hands on the floor, knees on the floor, hands right under your shoulders. Walk your feet back until your legs are straight, about a little distance from your hips. Pull your abs toward your spine and squeeze your hips to increase stability. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat.

Step 8: Fuel yourself up by walking a mile fast and completing power moves! If you wish, you can do some simple stretching exercises to cool down.

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