Is Ballet-style Workout Worth Trying?

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Barre courses may be good for your gluteus maximus, thighs and core muscles, but if you really want to be as strong as a ballet dancer, consider ballet training.This full-body exercise not only strengthens and stretches muscles; it has some clear added benefits, such as better posture, balance and self-confidence, said Victoria Marr, director and co-founder of Sleek Technique Ballet Fitness.

What is ballet training and how does it compare with ballet?Read on to see if the new rotation of this ballet suits you.


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What is ballet training?

"Ballet (training) will take you through the ballet class," said Chris Vo, director of the fitness program for the Equinox and Equinox Media team.But there is a turning point.In addition to squatting, Arabian dancing and other classic movements, typical ballet training may include resistance to increase the strength of the arms and back, or flat support to strengthen the core strength.Either way, the result is a mild aerobic exercise that shapes, shapes, and makes you feel lighter, more flexible, and more elegant.

Physical and mental exercise.

Ballet-focused courses are not just about getting in shape."Dancing can bring a lot of benefits," Vo said.In addition to improving flexibility, coordination and balance, dancing can also reduce stress and depression, he says.Escaping from the world of dancing can also help you become more focused, Marr added."mentally, you absolutely have to focus for 30 to 40 minutes and get rid of any other stress and distractions," she explained. "The research supports her theory.For example, a recent study found that dance majors are more focused and have higher life satisfaction than students in other disciplines.

What is the difference between ballet training and barre courses?

On the face of it, ballet and leverage training sound the same, but there are some subtle-not-subtle-differences.Here are the main differences between them.

Coordination and rhythm.

"A good leverage training can improve coordination and rhythm, but the focus is on more basic ballet steps," Marr said. ""(however) once you leave the barbell, you have more opportunities to improve your coordination and rhythm as you begin to practice more action vocabulary and build longer dance sequences."

Upper body strength.

Want a ballet arm?Then book a ballet class.Although leverage exercises have a magical effect on your lower body, it's not always aimed at your back and arms, just like stretching your arms or the top of your head on the floor.

Cardiovascular endurance.

"there are more options, a wider range, dynamic moving bars," Marr said. "
In addition, moving your arms and legs at the same time will really make your heart beat!Ballet is very effective for heart health, and a recent study found that regular moderate-intensity dancing can reduce a person's risk of dying from heart disease by 46%.

Perceived work.

Vo said: "both courses are laborious in different ways, but when you immerse yourself in the artistry and drama of ballet lessons, you feel much less effort."

Interesting factor.

"Barre training feels more like exercise and usually focuses on small range of motion, high repetition and mild resistance training," Vo said. "By contrast, jumping, jumping and turning in ballet class will make you feel like a dancer.

If you are hesitant between the two, the good news is that you don't have to choose between the two."both have their own positions and complement each other," Marr said.

But if you still don't believe that ballet is really an exercise, take a look at the results of a recent meta-analysis.When the researchers reviewed the results of 28 studies, they found that dance was more effective than traditional exercise in improving flexibility and balance, reducing BMI, body fat and triglycerides.It has as many benefits to cardiovascular health as exercise.So dance as much as you like!

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