Is Exercise On An Empty Stomach Really A Good Way To Burn Fat?

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When you want to lose fat for a certain purpose (health, shape, thinner, etc.), what method do you choose? For most people, the general direction is the same, which is to start with diet and exercise to achieve the goal.

Well, from the perspective of diet and exercise, good control of diet is the prerequisite for effective fat loss, while exercise is not a necessary condition, but, nevertheless, exercise is always the one that is recommended, because the benefits of exercise are not only It is to help you consume more calories, so that the calorie gap is more likely to appear. Its biggest benefit is to promote the health of the body.
However, when returning to the topic of fat loss, the main function of exercise is of course to help you increase your daily calorie consumption, thereby helping to reduce fat. In this case, when we choose the way of exercise, we will consider An important issue is efficiency, that is, what kind of exercise method to choose to make fat burning more effective. At this time, fasting aerobic is likely to come into your sight, and then try this method.

So, what is fasting aerobic? What is the concept of fasting cardio? Does fasting cardio have any fat-burning benefits? Next, let’s talk about fasting aerobic.

First: What is fasting exercise?

From a metabolic point of view, when we have not eaten within 6-12 hours, we are in a state of fasting, such as early in the morning, and exercising when we do not eat at this time is an exercise on an empty stomach.

Its fat-burning concept is that after fasting at night, body fat will be consumed as the main energy supplier when people exercise in the morning, which will increase the fat-burning efficiency and help you achieve the goal of fat loss. Of course, this is also the reason why many friends choose to exercise on an empty stomach.

Of course, fasting exercise does not just refer to aerobic exercise. Studies have shown that strength training on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning can also significantly improve fat burning efficiency.


Second: the advantages of fasting exercise (aerobic) itself

So, for fasting exercise, is its effect absolutely there? In addition to the length of exercise, the diet structure will also affect the fat burning efficiency of fasting exercise.

1. The advantage of fasting aerobic is related to the duration of exercise

Then, for fasting exercise, its fat-burning advantage depends entirely on the duration of the exercise. Only short-term exercise for 15-60 minutes in an empty stomach state can promote body fat burning. If your exercise time is longer than 60 minutes, whether you are fasting or eating, even if you have a large breakfast carbohydrate intake, the degree of fat burning will be the same.

That is to say, if your morning exercise time is less than 60 minutes, then if you eat a high-carbohydrate breakfast before exercise, it will hinder fat burning, so when your exercise time is less than 60 minutes, eat on an empty stomach The fat-burning effect of exercise will be better than exercising after breakfast, but if the exercise time target is more than 60 minutes, the advantage of fasting exercise will not exist.

2. Under the premise of taking care of the diet, the advantages of fasting exercise are almost non-existent

In addition to the duration of exercise, it also has a certain relationship with the structure of your eating. Compared with exercising on an empty stomach, if you eat before exercising, what is the fat-burning effect of exercising at this time? At this time, if your diet structure is adjusted well enough, then its fat burning effect will not be worse than fasting exercise.

  • If you choose carbohydrates with low GI value for breakfast before exercise, then in the following exercise, fat burning will only be affected to a minimal extent.
  • If you choose a high-protein breakfast before exercise, then, in the next exercise, fat burning will not be affected at all.

So, in this sense, if your breakfast choice is reasonable, there is little or no advantage to exercising on an empty stomach.

3. Advantages of fasting exercise

From the above two points, the advantage of fasting exercise is not obvious, then, is there no advantage to fasting exercise? No, for friends who need to increase muscle, fasting exercise does have its own advantages, but this advantage is related to the ingredients of eating after exercise, as follows:

After getting up in the morning and exercising on an empty stomach, if you consume carbohydrates and protein directly according to the standard of about 5 grams per kilogram of body weight, it will reduce the level of stress hormones (cortisol) in the body that may cause muscle breakdown, and it will be healthy for the body. Muscle Growth Creates a favorable hormonal environment that favors muscle growth.


Third: Summary

For fat loss, there are many factors to consider, the core factor is the calorie deficit, so from this point of view, as long as there is a calorie deficit, what kind of exercise method you choose is not important.

From the perspective of calorie consumption, what we want to look at is the overall daily consumption, not the consumption caused by a certain type of exercise, so from this perspective, fasting exercise is not very meaningful.

From the perspective of fasting exercise itself, if you want to get relevant benefits from it, you must consider the time of fasting exercise and the diet structure after exercise.

  • If the exercise time you can arrange is less than 60 minutes, then the fat-burning effect of exercising on an empty stomach is indeed better than exercising after eating.
  • If the exercise time you can arrange is greater than 60 minutes, then the fat-burning effect of exercising on an empty stomach is no different from exercising after eating.
  • If you consume low GI carbohydrates before exercise, then the advantage of fasting exercise is minimal, and if you eat a high-protein breakfast before exercise, then the advantage of fasting exercise does not exist.
  • If you eat enough carbohydrates and protein after exercising on an empty stomach, you will create a good hormonal environment for muscle growth.

From the above content, we can know that fasting exercise does have certain advantages, but for fat loss, the significance is not particularly obvious, because the key factor for fat loss is the calorie difference, not a specific exercise Form, so fasting exercise has no special advantage for fat loss, of course, the same is true for other forms of exercise.


Fourth: particularly important additions

When you choose a certain method to achieve one of the expected fat loss goals, one thing that must be considered is your health. No matter how good a certain method is, if it will affect your health, don't try it. For fasting exercise, although there are certain advantages, it is not suitable for everyone. For friends with unstable blood sugar, you should be particularly cautious, because fasting exercise will increase the risk of hypoglycemia, which is very dangerous. matter.

Therefore, if you have the habit of exercising on an empty stomach, then you still have to evaluate your health and blood sugar problems, because this is related to your health and even your life.

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