Knock Off Your Fitness Bucket List

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When it comes to getting older, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Despite the ups and downs, you've had another successful year. Celebrating with friends and family is definitely in order, but once the day is over and you've completed the 10,000 steps needed to start your own fireworks show, it's time to plan for the year ahead. Remember, not all goals need to be lofty—though if a midlife crisis prompts you to complete a triathlon, you'll be praised. Check out this fitness checklist. There are plenty of actionable tasks in there that you can choose or expand on over the next 365 days to improve your health, mindset, and overall well-being.

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1. Climb the highest peak in your state
Walking is great for your cardiorespiratory fitness—it can help improve your sleep and even reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes—but if you want to burn more calories, hiking may be the way to go. The goal this year is to put a big hike on your calendar and then add a small hike to your weekly cardio routine to complete it. Research shows that not only can you trigger the afterburn effect, boosting energy, but you can also improve your mood.

2. Run your first 5K, half marathon or marathon
Setting an end date goal can help you stay motivated, especially if you're doing an annual list. Stay on track by signing up for a planned event like a 5K, half marathon or marathon. Just make sure to slow down to gradually increase the mileage, and then coast at a certain speed.

3.Do a pull-up.
The thought of mastering your first pull-up can be daunting and might even remind you of gym class, but with the proper guidance, it can be easily mastered. Get your first reps this year by building your lats, biceps, and forearm strength, like cable pulldowns and machine- or belt-assisted pull-ups.

4. Tripod Handstand Master
Turn the year upside down by standing upside down on a tripod and working without walls. You'll build enough confidence, core strength and coordination to start the new year. As long as you have strong tablet support, the flexibility of Chaturanga and the balance of Warrior Three.

5. Squat down with your body weight
Squats are complete lower body exercisers. This year, make sure they become part of your exercise routine. Try adding different variations like jump squats, which build strength and athleticism, and sumo squats, which aim to burn the inner thighs. Want to go a step further? Add dumbbell presses to turn it into a full-body exercise.

6. Try cyclocross.
Give the road a break, this year you'll encounter new terrain on the trail, which is off-road riding, including obstacles. A favorite of Fitbit ambassador Jess Voight, off-road motorcycles help you get in touch with nature while allowing you to combine adventure with your health. Improve yourself by signing up for competitions.

7. Support the plate for two minutes.
Make this the year you set a new personal record for tablet support. In addition to self-improvement, you'll gain a stronger core, which will pay off in daily workouts that require support and stability. Do planks for up to 2 minutes on this 30-day challenge.

8. Do 50 Perfect Pushups or Overcome More Difficult Variations
Sometimes mastering the basics is the best thing you can do. Push-ups are a basic exercise that strengthens and tones your chest, shoulders, and arms, and even helps with core stability. This year, perfect your first push-up, do 50 push-ups in a row, or master different variations, whether it's going from knee push-ups to incline push-ups or triangle push-ups to walking.

9. Make cooking a priority.
Well, it's not a fitness challenge, but if you want to get fit and see results, you have to be smart about it. Adopt healthy cooking strategies so you can cook just one meal and eat it throughout the week.