Know Which Kind Of Belly You Have And Slim Your Belly Better

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Before you think about how to slim your belly, know what kind of belly you have!

Most modern people live a sedentary life with an unbalanced diet and little exercise. Only after looking back do they realize that their pants are getting tighter and tighter, the buttons of their belts are becoming more and more open, and their bellies are becoming like a ball. Especially with the increase of age, many people cannot escape the curse of middle-aged fat, such as beer belly and tuna belly. This is anxious to search the Internet "how to lose weight belly, belly meat how to eliminate, how to thin belly boys thin belly method", interestingly, we also found that many people are anxious, easy to ask how to thin belly, typing into "how to thin the fat on the son".

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But do you think it's only people who don't exercise that have trouble getting rid of belly fat?This is a big mistake!In fact,many people who do sit-ups or regular exercise at home will still have the trouble that their belly can't slim down.Therefore,before entering the teaching of thin belly method,let's first understand the four major reasons for the formation of abdominal fat (visceral fat).

1. Sedentary posture is bad: often sitting abdominal lack of exercise, or walking hunchback, standing posture is bad, easy to lead to pelvic forward or pelvic backward tilt, resulting in abdominal posture is not beautiful, it looks easy to have the feeling of belly protrusion.

2. Lack of exercise: Without regular exercise, muscles cannot be toned and basal metabolic rate cannot be increased. If excessive calorie intake is added, it is easy to convert heat into fat and store it in the abdomen.

3. Lifestyle and eating habits: Eating irregularly, eating too much refined starch, sugary drinks, alcohol, or not drinking enough water can all contribute to excessive calorie intake.

4. Gene influence: some people are the pear body of the fat lower body, some are the hourglass figure of the fat chest and buttock, everyone's genes will affect the parts that are easy to hoard fat, so understand their fat parts and then targeted operation of thin belly method will be more effective.

In addition to being unattractive, too much belly fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and other life-threatening diseases. Fortunately, whatever is causing your waistline to expand, the problem of lean belly fat is not a terminal illness, so how to lose weight? Tenacious fat belly how thin? In order to achieve the effect of reducing belly, the next will teach you how to reduce belly from lean belly exercise and diet.

But to remind you, how to fast thin belly can not just stay in the mouth, no matter what kind of fast thin belly recommendations you use, ultimately have to stick to the most important, if there is no exercise habit before, it is better to start from a week of thin belly (a week of thin belly) movement as the goal!

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While thinning belly,you should pay attention to your physical health.For this,BP smart watch will be a good choice if you want a fitness tracker which can be used to monitor your blood pressure,heart rate,SpO2,temperature and other.