Limit your salt intake - it has many health benefits

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A high-salt diet is one of the most important environmental factors contributing to hypertension. Studies have shown that an increase of 2 grams of salt per person per day increases systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 2 mm Hg and 1.2 mm Hg, respectively. However, active salt restriction measures can reduce the blood pressure level of the population and reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular death. Studies in countries such as Finland and Japan have demonstrated significant reductions in stroke incidence and mortality over the last 30 years as salt intake has decreased. Who recommends 5 grams of salt per person per day. Replacing sodium with potassium salts can also provide a good relief.

In the United States, 90 percent of people eat too much salt. If the average American consumed 2.3 grams of salt a day instead of 3.3 grams, it would reduce 11 million cases of high blood pressure and save $18 billion a year in health care costs. Because most of the excess salt comes from packaged foods, the New York City Department of Health on April 1 launched a month-long health initiative, placing advertisements in subway cars to encourage consumers to carefully compare nutrition labels and choose low-salt products when buying food. In addition, the American Heart Association recommends that the public replace salt with herbs, spices, and other flavorings to add flavor to foods.

In Europe, too, the "salt limit" campaign has been running for a long time. Asimu, head of the German Hypertension Association, said in an interview with reporters that the average German daily intake of salt amounts to 10 grams, while the actual body needs less than 3 grams of salt. As a result, Germany plans to put red, yellow and green labels on food packages, similar to traffic lights, to label high-salt foods. Countries such as Finland, Britain and Portugal have already adopted similar logos.

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