Limitations of Watch Smartwatch

Smart Watches

With the advent of smartphones, watches have less and less practical functions in life. For many people who wear traditional watches, they are now wearing watches more to match clothes or set off their temperament, rather than to watch the time.

Because of this, many manufacturers have begun to think about adding more functions to the watch and turning it into a smart wearable device, so that the old watch can evolve into a new species. Thus, the smart watch was born.

However, the future of smartwatches is not optimistic. as a wearable device. Due to the limitations of its own dial size and battery size, smart watches are doomed when they are born. That is to use it with a mobile phone and become an extension or auxiliary device of the mobile phone. It is obviously unrealistic at this stage to let the smart phone be on its own.

At present, in addition to message reminders, smart watches can also perform functions such as exercise monitoring, heart rate detection, and blood oxygen detection. Compared with traditional watches, smart watches are indeed more functional and practical.

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