Lose weight from eating the right way! Ways to eat with fewer calories

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Have you ever secretly decided to get rid of those swimming rings on your stomach? Just, the tired body has no energy to exercise after work, just want to stick to the sofa slide mobile phone, gym members seem to use a few times... Cheer up! It is never too late to lose weight. You may as well start from your lifestyle. A small step every day is also a big step towards health.

When food provides more calories than the body needs, those extra calories are turned into body fat, which can be used for future energy needs. On the other hand, to get rid of belly and sleeves, you have to burn more calories than you take in. This is known as the "calorie deficit," where the body burns calories to balance out its "spending beyond its means."

6 Ways to Cut Calories! Healthy habits become natural

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So how do you achieve the caloric deficit? For busy office workers, it is not easy to make time for exercise. Since you cannot increase calorie consumption, it is better to start from reducing calorie intake! Here are 6 tips for creating a healthy diet and starting small so you can control your calorie intake.

1.High fiber food to increase satiety

Hunger is one of the biggest enemies of weight loss. If you're not careful, cravings can undo your past efforts. Choose vegetables with high fiber and low calories to pad your stomach. You can also replace 1/3 bowl of plain rice and noodles with unrefined staple foods for meals, which can increase the intake of fiber and nutrients. When you're hungry, replace the sweets and chips on the table with apples, kiwi nuts, and baby tomatoes.

2.According to bean fish egg meat selection

Protein has a good ingestion and thermogenesis effect (TEF), which means that it can consume more energy after eating. At the same time, protein is also the main raw material for the synthesis of muscle, and enough intake can maintain muscle mass and improve the basic metabolism of the body. There is FAT hidden in protein however,white oil flower is more, the heat that eats into is taller. To avoid eating too much fat, eat protein in the order of beans, fish, eggs and meat. Plant-based soy beans have less saturated fat than meat.

3.Eat slowly and in the right order

When eating, savor the delicious food, can let the brain have time to judge whether you are full, because the eating speed is slowed down, will earlier produce a sense of satiety, in addition, can also let the food in the mouth fully fine, mix, help digestion and absorption, reduce the burden of the stomach. Drink a glass of water before meals, then eat vegetables or protein, and finally end with starch, can delay the rate of blood sugar rise, reduce the stimulation of insulin.

4.Smart cooking to reduce the burden

When it comes to weight loss, people always think of boiled meals, but a completely oil-free diet, which makes people unappetizing, is not easy to implement in the long run, and will greatly reduce the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. In fact, cooking can also keep variation, just pay attention to the frequency! With cold, steamed and boiled as the priority, the use of stewing and brine to add flavor, reduce the number of frying, braising and frying, change the usual frying oil to frying with water, reduce the amount of cooking oil, can also keep delicious and healthy.

5.Pay attention to seasonings and dip sauce

Sauce is the soul of every dish, from home cooking to hot pot, from lettuce salad to bread sauce, you can see it everywhere, but there are also hidden oils lurking in it! To cut calories, avoid thick sauces like satay, Thousand island, Caesar, and peanut butter in favor of breezes and vinaigrette.In addition, the cream of sandwiches and mayonnaise of burgers are also evil sources.You can ask the restaurant to change the sauce to be less. Start from reducing the amount, not completely can't touch, but to stop.

6. Drink more water instead of sugary drinks

It's hard to resist a sweet drink, but be careful! Too much sugar not only stores fat, it also causes inflammation in the body and damages cells. The National Health Department reminds that the daily intake of added sugar should not exceed 10% of the total calories, with a cup of whole sugar pearl milk tea exceeded the upper intake limit, can not let a moment of greed is wasted! In the face of the temptation to drink by hand, start by cutting out sugar, cutting out sugar, or reducing the frequency of drinking to just once a week. Make plain water readily available, develop the habit of drinking more water, no burden on the body, but also improve the metabolism.

Dietitians remind that weight loss needs to control calories, but it is not only the creation of calorie deficit is important, food selection, eating skills, to be able to continue for a long time, is the key, to eat healthy to enjoy the "thin" process!


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