Lose Weight This Holiday

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You know what's going on during the holidays: Your fitness routine tends to lag behind many meals, parties, and laughter -- which happens to the best of us. “Even well-trained people (like myself!),” says celebrity trainer Holly Perkins, author of C.S.C.S (exercise physiologist and Lift to Get Lean). “This time of year is Something to look forward to — so the easiest way to achieve your weight loss goals and stay on track during the holidays is to change your perspective. "Instead of focusing on cutting calories, enjoy the holidays and try to increase your calorie burn to account for you," she says. anything to eat."

According to Perkins, it's important to be realistic when losing weight so as not to get discouraged -- which can be demotivating and actually derail you further. "Starting Jan. 1, you're not going to eat like you would at a party every day, so you just need to focus on maintaining your weight during the holidays," Perkins advises. What is one of the best ways? walk.

"Walking is almost tailor-made for the holidays because you can take a walk anywhere and even turn it into a social or family activity," Perkins said. "It's also easy to schedule short meetings in a busy schedule. The key is to step up your walking to account for your increased caloric intake."

Here are five ways to count your steps so you're on your way to losing weight. Extra bonus? Once the party is over, you'll develop new habits and your calorie burn will continue into the New Year.

Adjust your goals.
Reaching your daily goal should be motivating - after all, you do! However, if your vacation schedule is too tight, you can lower your step goals and increase the intensity, Perkins says. Short bursts of high-intensity exercise have been shown to burn as many calories as long periods of slow change.

walk after dinner
"Whenever possible, get started. If it's first thing in the morning, go for it!" Perkins said. "But if you can choose to take a walk within two hours of a meal, that's your best bet, because exercise helps your body process glucose. All those potatoes, cookies, cocktails and pies -- your carbs are usually in the Holidays are higher, and taking a walk after a meal may help you metabolize these things faster."

Raise your heart rate.
When you're walking, try raising your heart rate to about 50 percent higher than your resting heart rate to make sure you're working hard enough, Perkins says. 

To increase your pace intensity, look for hills: You'll be working your glutes and hamstrings—large muscle groups that burn more calories—more than usual for an extra challenge. You can also walk faster, even intermittently: alternate walking for two minutes, followed by a minute at your usual pace.

Turn your walks into exercise.
"Vacations should be fun, and walking is no exception," Perkins said. “Be creative when looking for ways to improve yourself. Find a park bench and do some steps and diving, or find the stairs. You can even take the stairs to get in. Taking the stairs is a very important exercise for us. The pattern, as it trains us to respond to level changes, can minimize potential injury, pain and later distress."

reduce stress
Whenever you're feeling a little stressed -- for example, if your flight is late at the airport, try a small step goal (like 250) and walk for a few minutes. "Accelerated walking is an antidote to cortisol, a stress hormone that increases appetite and cravings," Perkins said. "Stress and cortisol levels tend to be higher during the holidays, so there's no better time to lose weight."