Maximize Your Time and Squeeze in More Fitness

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There is no denying that life is busy. It's hard to find balance every day. Add in long-distance running and endurance racing, and reaching a balance may start to make little sense. It doesn't matter. Who wants to live an ordinary, completely predictable life anyway? Still, the key to making this crazy life interesting is learning to survive—or better yet, thrive—in the chaos.

So throw the concept of balance out the window and embrace the joys of a slightly unbalanced life. With a little time management and a lot of initiative, you can still see progress. Below, I've incorporated high-quality workouts into my top three ways to work on my busy schedule.

1. Don't be afraid of fast cardio.
Your goal may be to run three miles a day, but that doesn't always mean running three miles in a row. If your work schedule allows you to take a 30-minute break, use that time to log a mile or two. So what if you have to do a quick wipe in the office bathroom afterwards? Try to have fun in the situation and be proud of knowing you're trying to get fitter. By adding as many miles as possible, you'll develop the rhythm you need to be an "opportunistic runner" -- someone who can go all out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

2. Minimize your carbon footprint
Speaking of the office, how far is it from the office? Have you considered walking to and from get off work? Imagine you've logged 5,000 steps and show up at your desk. If you can't walk to work, try turning daily errands into opportunities for exercise. Tuck your shopping list into shorts, run to the supermarket, and hitch a ride home. Or, grab a backpack and walk home.

3. Embrace unexpected opportunities
Inevitably, things will pop up that threaten your training. Rather than throw in the towel, approach these obstacles enthusiastically. Do you have to travel at the last minute? Bring some workout clothes and take advantage of this time away from your usual obligations. Did you miss the shuttle to the gym class that got you excited for the week? Hit the streets, explore your city on foot, and take some steps. Whatever challenges you face, you should try to use them to your advantage.

Remember to bring a smartwatch to help you monitor your heart rate and blood pressure in real time while you run.