Misunderstanding Of Greedy Coolness In Summer

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Under the scorching sun, all the memories about summer are always inseparable from all kinds of "coldness": sweating profusely with cold water after exercising, sleeping directly on the floor at night... In fact These are all bad behaviors for the body.

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Misunderstanding 1: Eat a lot of cold food

In the hot summer, eating cold food is the most common way for people to cool off, especially ice cream and cold drinks, which are very popular because they are refreshing and refreshing. Many people have a poor appetite in summer, and often hold a large iced watermelon as a substitute for dinner.

Watermelon itself is cold in nature and large in size. Usually people eat a lot at a time, so it consumes more of the human body. Too much raw and cold food will accumulate too much cold in the body, which will easily lead to illness in autumn and winter.


Misunderstanding 2 Rest is too greedy for coolness

In summer nights, many people feel that it is too hot in bed, so they simply sleep on the ground or without any quilt. These are common behaviors of people. But many people don't know that these behaviors can easily make the body suffer from wind and cold. In summer, the pores of the human body are dilated, and the body's basal metabolism slows down when a person is sleeping soundly, the body temperature regulation function decreases, and the body's resistance becomes weaker. At this time, sleeping on the floor will make it easier for cold evils to enter the body, so don't blindly pursue coolness.


Misunderstanding 3: Shower immediately after exercising

Appropriate exercise in summer can expel some poisonous gas from the body, but the heat and sweat after exercise are often unbearable. Many young people take cold baths to cool down. But this allows more chill to enter the body.
It takes a process for the human body to adapt to the temperature. Going from high temperature to low temperature will stimulate the human body. Not to mention taking a shower with cold water, washing your head or even your feet with cold water after exercise will cause dampness and cold to enter the body.

Misunderstanding 4 Different groups of people do not need special care

In summer, we often find such problems: when a family eats the same food, the elderly and children may suffer from indigestion and cold spleen and stomach, while other family members are fine. Sometimes, when the air conditioner is also blown at home, women are more likely to catch cold than men.

People's physiques are different, so the ability to resist cold is also different. The elderly and children have slightly poorer physique and are vulnerable to the cold. And women because of their special physiological reasons, "moisture" will often invade them. Therefore, people with weaker constitutions are more likely to catch cold.

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