Never Put These Four Kinds Of Flowers Indoors

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Do not place flowers and plants indoors blindly. Some plants may hide hidden safety hazards under their beautiful appearance. For example, flowers with a certain peculiar smell or strong fragrance, such as pines and cypresses, will secrete lipid substances and emit a strong pine oil fragrance, which will lead to loss of appetite if smelled for a long time; ; Although evening primrose and tulip are very fragrant, staying in this kind of aroma environment for a long time can easily make people feel depressed, especially for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure.

1. Lily

Its aroma will make people over-excited, if smelled for too long, it will over-excite the central nervous system and cause insomnia, so it is not suitable to put it in the bedroom.

2. Chinese rose

The petals of the rose flower have a strong fragrance. Some people will feel chest tightness and other discomfort after smelling it, and their breathing will also be affected to a certain extent. Rose flowers are not poisonous, but because of their strong fragrance, try not to breed them indoors, but put them in the yard.


3. Tuberose

It blooms at night and has a strong and refreshing aroma, hence the name "Evening Fragrance". Studies have shown that it stops photosynthesis at night and emits a large amount of exhaust gas, which is harmful to the human body. Moreover, there is a harmful substance in the fragrance of flowers. If it is placed in the living room and bedroom for a long time, it can cause dizziness, asthma, cough and insomnia, especially for people with high blood pressure and heart disease. Tuberose, lily and other flowers with strong aroma should also not be placed in children's rooms, as they will affect children's nervous system and cause children's inattention.


4. Orchid

The aroma of orchids, if smelled for too long, can be overexcited and cause insomnia. Two points need to be paid attention to. One is that orchids should be planted outdoors as much as possible, and the other is not to inhale the aroma of orchids for a long time. The editor recommends planting orchids on the balcony or in the flower garden in front of the door instead of putting orchids in the bedroom. Because people sleep in the bedroom for about 8 hours a day, inhaling the fragrance of orchids for a long time is a health risk. If you really want to put a pot of orchids in the bedroom, for the health of you and your family, please choose the kind of orchids that have no fragrance.

If you are suffering from insomnia, you might as well check to see if there are some flowers that should not be planted in the house. If so, move it outside as soon as possible. With the help of BP Smartwatch sleep monitoring, you can understand your sleep status.