Nine Things To Pay Attention To When Cycling

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Cycling seems to be a simple matter, but we must always be vigilant when it comes to safety issues. So, what problems in riding affect our riding safety?


Nine things to pay attention to when cycling:


1. Stay away from inferior bicycles

There is no distinction between high and low bicycles, but they must be divided into good and bad. The quality of a bicycle is not only reflected in the appearance, performance, and configuration of the bicycle, but also in the materials used and the manufacturing process of the vehicle itself.
Good bicycles may be slightly different in price, but they can give us more peace of mind during the ride and don't have to worry about any failures on the way. The low-quality bicycle is completely different. Maybe it has a certain advantage in price, and the price is low, but it is self-evident in terms of the quality of the whole bike. , the material is poor, the workmanship is simple, and it is easy to break down during riding, causing us some unnecessary troubles while riding, and even bringing safety risks to riders in terms of safety issues, so, for your personal safety, Please stay away from bad bikes.



2. Wear a helmet while riding

Helmet is a very critical piece of riding protective equipment for us in riding, it can give us a certain degree of safety protection during riding. If the rider is riding too fast, brakes suddenly when encountering obstacles in front of him or some other factors, it is easy to cause the bicycle to fall, which will cause the rider to fall. But wearing a helmet can protect our head from injury to a certain extent. Therefore, you must wear a helmet when riding. Don’t feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid of messing up your hairstyle, and don’t feel too weird wearing it, because the helmet is life-saving.



3. Warm up before cycling

No matter what kind of exercise we do, it is very necessary to warm up in the early stage, and cycling is no exception. If the rider does not warm up well before riding, it is likely to cause certain damage to a certain part of our body. harm. Therefore, it is very necessary to do some simple warm-up exercises before riding, which can ensure that the rider can perform better during riding and is less likely to cause injuries.



4. Obey the traffic rules

Even if you are riding in the suburbs, pay attention to pedestrians and passing vehicles, and drive in your own correct lane. Many traffic accidents are often caused by those who do not obey the traffic rules. In order to be responsible for their own safety and not cause losses and injuries to others, obeying the traffic rules starts with you and me.



5. Cycling should also pay attention to environmental protection

Environmental pollution is something that should be paid attention to all over the world. No matter where we are or what occasion, we should always keep environmental awareness in mind.



6. Novices should not wear lock shoes on the road

Lock shoes can play a very good role in cycling, but not everyone can wear lock shoes on the road. For novices, wearing lock shoes is very dangerous. Novices are not skilled enough, and wearing lock shoes on the road is also a major safety hazard.



7. Do not ride with injuries

Riding can make the whole body exercise. If the rider rides with an injury, it is likely to make the injury worse again, which can only be counterproductive. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of the injury, and there is a certain price to be paid for being brave.



8. Don’t go crazy when riding

Many riders like hurricanes, because they all like the thrill of riding fast, but often this thrill will cause unexpected consequences to the rider, and it is very necessary to control the appropriate speed.



9. Cycling clothes

Every sport has its own exclusive equipment, and cycling is the same, it has its own exclusive cycling clothing. It is very necessary to wear cycling clothing during cycling, because cycling clothing is specially designed for cycling, and it has a set of patents on the use of clothing materials and clothing design. Wearing cycling clothing can Let us feel more comfortable while riding.

If you have done these nine things, then you can fully guarantee your own safety and riding efficiency during riding. BP Smartwatch has a cycling sports mode, which can detect your body and exercise data during cycling.