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The monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, and sleep indicators has become the basic function of current smartwatches. Technology companies represented by Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi, as well as watch manufacturers represented by Suntop, Garmin, and Casio have all been in their smartwatches. Mature applications have been implemented on smart watches/bands.

The importance of blood pressure is self-evident. High blood pressure is known as the "silent killer". Because its related symptoms are not easily detected, it is very important to measure blood pressure regularly. People's awareness of blood pressure measurement may still be at the level of cuff blood pressure monitors in medical institutions or electronic blood pressure monitors at home. Among them, the cuff type has higher accuracy. The measurement principle is simply that when the external pressure is equal to the pressure in the artery, the blood will be squeezed out, and the pressure detected at this time is the blood pressure. It is self-evident that blood pressure monitoring has not yet formed a large-scale, daily application on smart watches/bands or other wearable terminals.

At present, the portable blood pressure measurement devices on the market are mainly divided into four categories according to technology - devices that only use mobile phone cameras, pure optical sensor devices, optical and other sensor fusion and indirect data devices. According to industry insiders, these methods do not measure blood pressure directly, but measure blood pressure changes, and then measure the pressure waves generated by blood pressure in the arteries through algorithms and data analysis, and there is no way to obtain the absolute value of blood pressure like cuff measurement.