Precautions of Exercise for Seniors

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When exercising, we must pay attention to protect ourselves, especially the elderly. So, what are the precautions for elderly people?

Note as follows


1、Drink enough water while exercising

When people sweat too much, everyone's body will become dry. Because water and electrolysis are very important in daily life.

It is best to drink water before and after exercise. But it should be noted that before and after exercise, only drink appropriate amount of water, so as not to cause burden on the blood circulation system!

In addition, many people have the habit of drinking cold water after exercise, but it may hurt the stomach. Please drink cold water containing minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, etc.


2、Should exercise in the morning

Cognitive decline is common in the elderly, fortunately, morning exercise can help the elderly improve cognitive ability and mental alertness.

The researchers said that if people exercise at night, the production of melatonin (a substance released by the body during sleep) may be disturbed, which is well known for its ability to help stop the spread of cancer.

One possible cause of cancer is biological damage, regular morning exercise can reduce the risk of getting cancer, because it helps to adjust our biological clock earlier, we are more alert in the morning, easier to fall asleep in the evening.


3、Avoid movement within 3 hours before sleeping

Exercising for three hours before bed can seriously disturb the sleep cycle, when we exercise, the heart will beat faster, and more blood will be pumped into the muscles. This will increase overall blood flow, including blood flow to the brain. More blood Fluctuations in the brain may increase energy and alertness, resulting in sleep deprivation.

Compared to younger people, older people usually find it harder to fall asleep and sleep longer. Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to memory loss, high blood pressure, and even an increased risk of heart disease or stroke. People over the age of 50 often lack sleep. Faster. Therefore, 1-3 hours before bedtime should avoid vigorous exercise.

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