Rainbow Diet

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The Rainbow Diet is a healthy diet invented by the American Cancer Society. It supplements the special nutrients needed by the human body through the intake of vegetables, fruits and grains of different colors.

The following is an introduction to the 3 major advantages of the rainbow diet and the ingredients corresponding to different colors. After reading this article, let’s make a bowl of rainbow salad for healthy weight loss!

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What is the Rainbow Diet?

The Rainbow Diet, as the name suggests, advocates the intake of colorful fruits and vegetables to provide the body with rich nutrients.

The principle of the rainbow diet is: eat at least one serving of each of five colored fruits and vegetables every day. It is also recommended to focus on prototype foods, avoid excessive cooking, and follow the intake principle of 8:2. (80% fruits and vegetables of different colors, 20% whole grains).

The meaning of each color in the "Rainbow Diet"

The rainbow diet divides food into seven colors: red, orange, yellow (brown), green, and blue(purple), black, white. Different ingredients are classified into different colors, and these classifications also represent the intake of different nutrients and promote different body functions.

Red food

The biggest benefit of red food is anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation, which can reduce cardiovascular disease and effectively slow down the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Red food: tomato, red pepper, apple, pepper, peach and so on.

Orange food

Orange foods such as carrots contain beta-carotene, which in addition to antioxidants can also maintain the reproductive system health of men and women.

Orange foods: carrots, pumpkin, grapefruit, citrus, etc.

Yellow food

Yellow food focuses on maintaining intestinal health, and contains nutrients that promote intestinal bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids, which are nutrients needed to nourish taste cells.

Yellow foods: corn, ginger, lemons, bananas, yellow bell peppers, etc.

Green food

The health of green food is believed to be well-known to mothers, but in addition to cellulose, green food is also a source of nutrition to protect the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is the most important antioxidant, and green food is a good nutrient.

Green foods: kale, leafy vegetables, olives, green apples, peas, etc.

Purple blue food

The color of purple-blue food is also their unique nutrients, such as anthocyanins, which have very high anti-oxidation and inflammation effects, and can also promote brain development, fight cancer and avoid neurological diseases.

Purple-blue food: eggplant, purple cabbage, grapes, blueberries, purple onions and so on.

White food

Garlic and onions are the best basic ingredients for cooking. They are rich in sulfides and can deal with bad bacteria.

White foods: Mushrooms, garlic, onions, yams, etc.

Black food

Black food contains protein, mineral iron, zinc, and rich dietary fiber, which can improve constipation and prevent anemia.

Black food: black sesame, black beans, black fungus and so on.

Brown food

Rich in Omega3, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, it can promote lipid metabolism, reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride content, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular and stroke diseases.

Coffee-colored foods: nuts, oats, wheat, etc.

Advantage 1 of "Rainbow Diet": High success rate

Many weight-loss diets have certain restrictions and rules, such as counting calories and excluding specific foods, which increase the chance of failure.

The rainbow diet only needs to add one of the colored ingredients to each meal. If you don’t like to eat tomatoes, you can use apples instead. Because there are not many restrictions, it will not be so easy to fail.

Advantage 2 of "Rainbow Diet": High selectivity and variety

A common reason people who lose weight give up on a diet is because they get tired of eating the same menu. The Rainbow Diet gives you the freedom to experiment with different types of ingredients. You might even discover new fruits and vegetables you've never tried before. The change of seasons has added many changes to the colorful menu.

Advantage 3 of "Rainbow Diet": Nutritional balance

Implementing fruits and vegetables of different colors in the rainbow diet can make the diet more balanced, and through this diet, you can also absorb nutrients that you usually eat less, such as anthocyanins, lycopene, etc.
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Use the above seven colors of ingredients, including carrots, chickpeas, kale, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, beef, purple cabbage... Let's make a bowl of rainbow salad yourself! In normal times, you can also use BP Smartwatch to monitor calories and assist you in losing weight