Reasons Why Doing More Exercise And Benefits Of Building Muscle Mass

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When you are working out, what exercises do you choose? Fitness training is mainly divided into strength training and aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is mainly to reduce fat, and strength training is mainly to build muscle.

The advice:Whatever your fitness goals, do more strength training.The benefits of strength training are varied and will give you endless benefits.

Let's take a look at why you should do more strength training and what are the benefits of improving your muscle mass?

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1. Strength training can build muscle and prevent muscle loss.

Muscle is a valuable part of the body, but as we age, our functions deteriorate and we lose muscle over the years, making it difficult to grow it back.

Strength training prevents muscle loss, keeps you strong, and gives you a youthful body that resists the pace of aging.

2. Improving muscle content can improve the body's basic metabolism.

The body's metabolic rate is related to age and muscle mass. Muscle is the body's energy wasting tissue, and two people of the same weight with more muscle can burn more calories per day.

Therefore, do more strength training can improve the muscle dimension, let the body maintain a vigorous metabolism level, effectively inhibit the accumulation of fat, reduce the chance of obesity.

3. Improving muscle content can support skin tissue, keep your skin firm.

Improving muscle content can also slow down the relaxation and aging speed, and maintain the appearance level of frozen age.

4. People with high muscle content mean better body proportions.

Muscle fiber volume is relatively small, does not occupy a place, adhere to strength training people, can help you to create abdominal muscles, waistline figure, create boys' inverted triangle figure, girls' buttock figure, improve their own charm index.

5. People with high muscle content, immunity will be more powerful,

Body organs, bones, joints will be effectively protected, can reduce the damage of external forces, strengthen the heart muscle, cardiovascular will be more healthy, the heart will beat strong.

If you want to reap the same benefits, do more strength training during your fitness routine.

Strength training does not necessarily need to go to the gym exercise, we can start at home from self-weight training, from squats, planks, push ups, lunges, pull-ups and other complex movements to start, learn the movement of the standard power, 2-3 days of training, see if you can stick to it.

If you have enough patience and perseverance to learn, we can gradually add fitness equipment, such as buying a pair of dumbbells for weight training, arrange a more reasonable fitness plan, muscle group training, reasonable arrangement of rest time, a combination of work and rest, stick to it to gradually improve the figure curve

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