Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy

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Although I do a lot of exercise, fitness has never been a burden for me. Instead, it's a training tool to help me achieve my goals. Honestly, I can't be happy without it. I was born with a need for nature and exercise.

I realized I'm not a normal person -- not everyone does squats after breakfast. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 80 percent of Americans don't meet the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. A recent review of research revealed a number of possible reasons: some people find exercise too difficult or confusing, exercise schedules too complex, gym environments too boring or scary, and, of course, a general lack of time.

So how do you integrate fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle and even train like an elite athlete (if you will) in the process? One way is to change the way you think about health -- keep it simple. "Fitness" doesn't require complex training and complex movements if you don't like it. In fact, as an athlete, several of my exercises involve functional (albeit basic) strength exercises, as well as anaerobic exercises such as mountain sprints.

When fitness is part of the lifestyle, it can be as simple as taking an extra 3,000 steps in the park, climbing stairs or running with your dog. Achieving this goal can be as easy as finding a training goal, or simply something that makes you happy -- it makes it easier to integrate into your life.

Here are some scientifically proven ways to keep your fitness simple and stick with it:

1.Put out
Whether it's the microbes in the soil or the green in the trees, walking outdoors has been shown to boost happiness and even lead to positive thinking. Researchers at Stanford University recently found that walking for 90 minutes in a natural environment reduces repetition and negative self-thinking (rumination). In other words, hiking in an environment like a park can make you feel better, which can motivate you and make you want more. More, more, more.

2.Curry favor with
Working out alone can help with stress, but for some people, a partner makes it more fun. Research shows it can help you stay responsible. A study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise shows that keeping up with exercise is linked to perceived support -- so knowing your friends have your back can help you stick to your plan. The same research shows that the partnership effect can also make you feel more positive about your daily life.

3.It works.
If a long run is daunting, take three brisk 10-minute walks (and more steps) outdoors during the day. Long-term studies have shown that three short bouts of exercise can produce a calorie-burning effect similar to 30 minutes of exercise.

Strength training doesn't have to be complicated.In fact, basic exercises like squats and lunges burn more calories than more focused exercises like leg stretches and hamstring bends because they work larger muscle groups. You can also turn it into a full-body exercise that involves top pressing or bicep flexing and working your shoulders and arms. Pro tip: Focus on simple multi-muscle weight training, such as doing regular push-ups or lunges when time is tight, and doing extra lifts outside.

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