Six Points That Must Be Paid Attention To In Outdoor Adventure

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The sun is shining right now, which is a good time to go outdoors. Be sure to pay attention to safety in outdoor sports, and don't turn adventure into adventure!

1. Whether the body is healthy and strong

Since hiking is different from sightseeing and sightseeing in general city tourism, its travel process is mostly high-intensity and high-density outdoor activities. Therefore, before preparing for hiking, you must have a good control over your physical condition.

First of all, the most important thing is to have a healthy body. Second, get used to exercising for a long time. Again, it is best to choose hiking carefully for the following groups of people: people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease; people with severe altitude sickness.


2. Bring enough commonly used medicines and master knowledge related to hiking travel

Due to the particularity and danger of outdoor tourism, it is very important to master certain knowledge of wild survival. For example, how to properly treat wounds bitten by ticks; how to alleviate altitude sickness; how to identify directions in the wild; how to find clean water sources when you cannot bring your own water; how to choose a safer campsite, etc.


3. Pay attention to the weather and understand the situation of the destination

In the process of hiking, in addition to having some generally applicable outdoor knowledge, understanding of the travel destination is also a key point. Before departure, it is best to prepare relevant destination knowledge in advance and understand the weather conditions of the tourist destination. Familiarize yourself with the topography of the expedition site, choose a suitable hiking route, and avoid dangerous sections.

Generally speaking, the best time of day to travel is to leave early in the morning and return in the evening. Because the probability of distress at night increases, once trapped, it will be more difficult to search and rescue.


4. Prepare outdoor equipment in advance

Different from ordinary travel, clothes and equipment for outdoor travel are a deep knowledge. Generally speaking, outdoor clothing needs to be waterproof, sunscreen, and windproof. In addition to daily coats and trousers, outdoor clothing also needs to prepare professional accessories such as goggles, water bags, snow jackets, and sunscreen collars.

Different destinations need to be equipped with different tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. For example, if you go to a mountain in a high-altitude area with low temperature, if you do not choose suitable waterproof shoes, it is very likely to cause frostbite on your feet, which will affect the entire trip.


5. Outdoor team leader qualifications are related to tourism safety

Outdoor sports is a very dangerous sport, which must have standardized management. When choosing a teammate, consider whether the other party has hiking experience and teamwork spirit. At the same time, it is recommended that you hire a local guide on some dangerous roads that are sparsely populated to ensure travel safety.


6. Safety rules: be prepared, don't be brave

For cultivating the spirit of hard work and teamwork, outdoor sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, and field survival training have incomparable advantages over other activities, but the premise is that they must be treated with a scientific attitude. If you are looking for excitement or showing off your strength, you should not have a comparison mentality when doing outdoor sports, and you should consider your own actual situation when choosing a destination.

During the expedition, if there is an emergency, you must do what you can, and retreat in time if you feel danger.
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