Skipping rope burns more fat than jogging

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"Skipping rope" exercise, which burns more fat than jogging, is popular among many people who lose weight recently. The reason is that skipping rope does not need complex and expensive equipment, nor do you need to go to the gym. As long as you can buy a basic skipping rope in an open space and a store, you can start exercising and losing fat!

This seemingly simple aerobic exercise has many benefits, not only helping with fat loss and heart and lung function, but also reducing depression, according to research. But did you jump rope correctly? In this article, things to know about jumping rope and a simple lesson schedule that is easy for beginners. Pick up your jump rope and jump with us!

Advantage 1: Jumping rope is less irritating to the knee than running

Skipping rope is a kind of exercise that can train the muscles of the whole body. Skipping rope can avoid osteoporosis and relieve pressure to promote mental health. Another study showed that jumping for 10 minutes, 140 times a minute, burns as many calories as jogging for half an hour. Can be said to be very efficient fat burning exercise!

Moreover, compared with running, jumping rope is less stimulating to the joints and can increase the flexibility of the joints. Rope swinging can control the speed by oneself, so it is an aerobic exercise suitable for the young and old.

Advantage 2: Skipping for 10 minutes burns as many calories as jogging for half an hour

Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a constant intensity of 60 to 80 beats per minute burns the same amount of calories as running for half an hour! Jumping rope at a normal pace for 30 minutes will burn about 400 calories.

Rope skipping note 1: Use the ball of the foot to jump and land with knees bent

The length of rope you choose is very important, too long or too short is not good, you can step on the middle of the rope, pull the two ends just to about the chest position, so that is the right length.

Do not jump rope with all the balls of your feet or heels on the ground. Jump off and land on the balls of your feet. Remember to keep your knees slightly bent to soften the impact.

Rope skipping note 2: Wear sports shoes jump rope

When jumping rope remember to wear comfortable sneakers, do not jump rope barefoot. Keep your upper extremities unhunched. Use your wrist to swing the rope and look straight ahead.

Rope skipping note 3: It is recommended to land or run with both feet at the same time

If the body fat is high, remember not to jump on one foot, otherwise the whole body weight on one foot, it is easy to damage the knee and joints; Try to land or run with both feet at the same time, and exercise for about 2-3 minutes to take a break, carefully assess the physical condition!


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