Skipping rope: The best way to lose weight and get in shape

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On the way to lose weight in the hot water in the city beauty is always looking for a suitable for their own fitness exercise: not only to save time, and achieve efficient fat burning weight loss effect.

So they choose skipping rope.At this point, you should be asking: What's the benefit of skipping?Read the following.

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Efficient fat burning and weight loss

How long does it take to lose weight by jumping rope? Compared with running and some aerobic exercises, jumping rope is an efficient fat burning exercise.

How long does it take to lose weight? The same 30 minutes of exercise burns more calories jumping rope than running, which means you can exercise less time and achieve better weight loss results.

Improve cardiopulmonary endurance, get quality sleep

Jumping rope regularly will make your respiratory system, heart, cardiovascular system get sufficient exercise, thus improving the body's cardiopulmonary endurance.

It also helps you get a good night's sleep, which helps your metabolism improve, creating a virtuous cycle of efficient fat consumption.

Exercise agility

The improvement of the agility of skipping, running can not be compared, it can be through a variety of tricks, such as one foot, two feet, foot change, cross, single shake, double shake and other ways to change the difficulty, in order to increase the sensitivity, coordination, balance ability of the human body;

How to jump rope correctly? How long does skipping lose weight take effect?

Preparation: Jump rope in the back of the calf, clamp the arms, pull in the abdomen

Action process: Keep the big arm clamping the body, forearm and wrist force to shake the rope, when the rope is about to touch the ground, bend the knees and jump.

Raise the ball of the foot and the floor from the height of a rope diameter, in turn.

Use ankle strength to prevent knee injury

Many friends like to lift their legs back when jumping rope. The jumping method of lifting their legs back can not use the arch shock absorption, resulting in direct impact on the knee joint.

Must learn to jump with ankles, in the process of jumping rope, the heel is always off the ground, that is, to jump on tiptoe.

This beating amplitude is small, more energy saving, while avoiding large body vibration, reduce the probability of knee pain caused by skipping.

Pay attention to the correct force

When jumping rope, avoid using the big arms to cause the energy consumption caused by the jump rope swing.

When jumping rope should keep the big arm close to the torso, swing to use the power of the forearm, wrist.

Jump rope with shoes on

It is not recommended to jump rope barefoot, put your shoes on before jumping rope, protect your knees, avoid unnecessary knee injury and pain, but also prevent the rope from hitting your feet.

Long-term jumping rope is an effective exercise to burn fat and lose weight, when you ask how long it takes to lose weight.

Buy a rope and start jumping. If you can do it for half an hour every day for a month, you can see the effects of weight loss and fitness.

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While skipping rope,pay attention to your health is important.For monitoring you health,wearing a BP smart watch is a good choice.You can use it to monitor your BP,HR,temperature,SpO2,and others.