Sleep More but More Tired? Have You Been Caught In These Bad Sleeping Habits?

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Adequate sleep is essential for a healthy body. However, with the changes in people's lifestyles, more and more people have sleep problems. They can't fall asleep when they want to sleep, and they always feel sleepy and can't wake up when they can't sleep. Why do people sometimes sleep more and more tired?

Take a look at these bad sleeping habits, have you been recruited?

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Be alert to these bad sleeping habits

1. sleep with the light on

Studies have found that light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, thereby disrupting the biological clock and affecting hormone secretion or metabolism. Even when you control other factors such as sleep hours, diet, and exercise, there are still factors that harm your body, causing more sleep and more fatigue. Therefore, try to turn off all the lights when sleeping, and be in a dark environment, which is conducive to the secretion of melatonin and helps people fall asleep quickly.

2. Eat before bed

Chinese medicine believes that if the stomach is not in harmony, you will feel restless when lying down. It is not advisable to eat before going to bed, as a taboo. Eating too much supper or snacks is too late to digest, and the stomach organ full of food constantly stimulates the brain, causing brain excitement and making people unable to fall asleep. Even if you fall asleep, the stomach organs are still working overtime, causing damage to the stomach organs and the body.

3. Pillows that are too high or too low

From a physiological point of view, the appropriate height of the pillow is 8-12 cm. Pillows that are too low can easily cause stiff neck, or dizziness and puffy eyelids the next day due to increased blood flow to the brain. Pillows that are too high will affect the respiratory tract, making it easy to snore and cause neck discomfort in the long run.

4. sleeping with wet hair

Taking a warm bath before going to bed can restore fatigue after exertion and allow the body to be repaired. But go to bed after washing your hair. During the process of hair drying, a lot of heat will be taken away from the scalp. In addition, the metabolism of the human body will decrease during sleep, which will cause the temperature to drop. If this is the case for a long time, it will easily lead to colds and headaches. When the situation arises, you will feel more and more sleepy and tired.

5. Sleep with your head covered.

As the weather turns cold, many people have the habit of sleeping with quilts covering their heads. In fact, sleeping covered with a quilt may cause breathing difficulties. As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the quilt rises, the concentration of oxygen also decreases. If you keep inhaling humid air, it will cause harm to the brain. After a long time, it will lead to hypoxia, which will make people sleep poorly, have nightmares easily, and feel dizzy, weak, and lack of energy when waking up.

6. Overdraft sleep

For adults, most of them have the experience of staying up late. When I was young, I didn't have a mobile phone, so I fell asleep naturally when it was almost dark. Now with more and more rich nightlife, sleep time is very little. Especially at night, even though I was already very sleepy, I still struggled to endure it. Some people also like to stay up late and then catch up on sleep, such as sleeping until noon on weekends, but this does not play a role in supplementing sleep. On the contrary, adverse consequences caused by biological clock disorders will follow one after another.

7. sleep with a bad mood

Night is the time when people are most prone to cranky thoughts, and many bad emotions will spew out at night. If you often go to bed angry, it will damage the brain's response and balance ability. People who often get angry and have bad moods when they sleep often have slow thinking and poor spirits when they wake up in the morning.

If you can't sleep well, you might as well see if you also have the above bad habits? If you want to know how you sleep, BP Smartwatch can help you.