Smart watch:Yoga to keep fitness!

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For years, in an effort to improve the lives of athletes by promoting adequate exercise and mindfulness, I've been giving them one piece of advice: yoga. While I personally enjoy challenging and improving my mind and body in different ways, I think yoga offers something that other forms of exercise cannot do naturally. Over time, a well-rounded yoga practice will seamlessly improve your flexibility, stability, and overall self-awareness.

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And increased flexibility and stability means less chance of injury and, ultimately, improved athletic ability. For the most part, we are born and naturally learn healthy patterns of exercise. Our nervous system begins to study how to roll, sit up, get up, stand up, walk, and then run. For some of us, it stops there, but for others, we take the risk of becoming athletes and learning very complex and intricate patterns of movement.

At some point in life, we will get hurt, and our nervous system will find a way to repair them. If you're lucky enough not to have been injured, maybe you'll fall like someone who has sat too much, cross-trained too little, or even been unsteady on their feet for too long! The point is, in the process of building patterns, some patterns are non-functional, which can cause problems in the long run. Regular practice of yoga can help notice these changes in your body's movement patterns. The default design of a full-range yoga practice naturally requires one's body to achieve a healthy amount of activity, as well as the ability to maintain and improve its stability.

Self-focus is another invaluable part of a regular yoga practice. As we grow up, our lives tend to be busier than when we were younger, thinking and making serious decisions. Practicing yoga regularly creates mental space and stability. Created mental Spaces that we can enter at any time in order to gain a little grace in dealing with life's challenges, or just to help you live your best life. It's a chance to give yourself something new, just by providing a little extra relaxation and mental space to come up with new ideas. If you don't practice yoga regularly, challenge yourself to start practicing 5 minutes a day. It's a great way to start/end the day or exercise!

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