Summer Eating Safety Guide

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With the temperature rising a little bit, summer is finally here! All kinds of delicacies are on the scene, but while enjoying the delicacies, the hot weather can easily make people overwhelmed. The nerves of the human body are often in a state of tension, and the functions of some secretory glands are also affected, resulting in weakened digestion and loss of appetite.

So how to eat safely in summer? Let's take a look!


1. For the loss of appetite in summer, is there any scientific and healthy diet method that can improve our appetite?

Mastering the 10 fist principles can help everyone balance their meals. The specific principles are: eat no more than one fist-sized amount of meat and eggs every day, including fish, meat, eggs, and poultry; eat two fist-sized grains, including coarse grains, miscellaneous beans, and potatoes; Soy products and dairy products; eat no less than five fist-sized fruits and vegetables every day. Make two or three types of grains, one or two types of meat, three to five types of vegetables and fruits, and finally add 20 grams of mixed nuts, so that there are fruits every day and vegetables at every meal.


2. How to eat in summer to avoid some adverse symptoms?

  • The first principle is to diversify food. Only by eating more types of food can we ensure all the nutritional needs of the body.
  • The second principle is a light diet, especially in summer with high temperature and high humidity. A light diet is very important. It is necessary to control the intake of high-calorie foods and eat more vegetables and fruits with strong antioxidant capacity.
  • The third principle is to match meals reasonably, make full use of the color and taste of vegetables to match meals, such as vegetable salads, etc. can be used as a usual diet. In addition, everyone needs to pay attention to choosing the right ingredients when making cold dishes. Rinse the ingredients with running water first, and then scald them with boiling water, so that the remaining bacteria and insect eggs can be killed.
  • The fourth principle is to eat bitter foods appropriately. Studies have shown that a small amount of bitter substances act on the taste receptors of the tongue, which can increase the secretion of gastric juice, help clear away heat and heat, and promote appetite. Common bitter foods in life include bitter gourd, bitter chrysanthemum, etc. However, when eating bitter foods, you should also control the amount of food you eat, and don’t eat a large amount at one time. Especially for children and people with weak gastrointestinal functions, you should eat less bitter foods.


3. People with weak gastrointestinal digestion, what problems should be paid attention to in terms of diet?

People with weak digestion ability should pay attention to light diet, try to avoid cold, greasy and irritating food, and choose some high-quality protein and other easily digestible food. In addition, pay attention to the combination of thickness, don't eat too full every time, eat small meals, especially don't eat dinner too late.

Be sure to eat more fruits. Fruits are an important part of a balanced diet. They are high in water, low in energy, rich in vitamins and minerals, and contain more dietary fiber and plant compounds. The water content of most fresh fruits can reach 85%~90%, rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber. The darker the color of the fruit, the richer the content of plant compounds, such as dark green, red, yellow, purple and other fruits. According to the laws of nature, various fruits ripen in different seasons. It is recommended that you choose seasonal fruits to eat, such as strawberries, lotus root, peaches, plums, watermelons, pineapples, mangoes, bananas, cherries, etc. are all summer seasonal fruits. . Many fruits are also rich in organic acids, such as pectinic acid and malic acid, which can increase appetite and help the digestion of food, and are more suitable for summer consumption.


4. How to drink water in summer is the most healthy and reasonable?

In summer, the human body perspires more, so it needs to add more water than in other seasons. However, it should be noted that even though you are thirsty after sweating a lot, don't drink a lot of water quickly for a moment of pleasure. You should take a short rest and replenish water in an appropriate amount, less times and more.

Adults with light physical labor who live in mild climate conditions should drink 1500-1700 ml per day, which is about 7-8 cups of common water cups. Warm water is the most suitable for drinking, and the best temperature of water temperature is 18-45 degrees Celsius . Some people prefer to exercise or engage in physical labor. They have a lot of activity and sweat a lot. In this case, they should increase their drinking water accordingly.

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