Summer Travel: 6 Beautiful Places in Europe

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Summer is colorful and revives all things. And this season, people's desire to travel will also reach its peak. May-September is also the best season for traveling in Europe. Today we will go to these beautiful European summer places to have a look!

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Tuscany: basking in the sun

In Europe, Tuscany in Italy has long enjoyed a high reputation. The blue sky and white clouds under the sun are the most typical weather in Tuscany. Brightly colored walls, dark green shutters, and crimson roofs are the signature colors here.

Tuscany is a region in central Italy, with Florence as its capital. Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, where many outstanding artists and scientists were born.

Tuscany is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich artistic heritage. There are currently 6 World Heritage Sites: Florence Historic Center, Pisa Cathedral Square, San Gimignano Historic Center, Siena Historic Center, Pione Historic Center and the Orcia Valley. Florence, Pisa, and Siena have long been known to everyone, but San Gimignano, Pienza, Orcia Valley, etc. are not yet known to many people.


Iceland: 24-hour polar day

Iceland is the country with the most hot springs in the world. It is known as the "land of ice and fire". The summer in Iceland is from June to September every year. Since the whole island of Iceland is located in the Arctic Circle, there is a big wave of unmissable 24 hours in summer. Extreme day carnival experience.
For local residents, the close to 24 hours of daylight may be unbearable in this season, but if you come here for vacation, the extra daylight is like earning, and you can definitely play with plenty of time. happy.

Experience a truly silent Iceland under the beautiful midnight sun, or stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the magical alternation of sunset and sunrise.


Provence: only for the splendor of lavender

Provence is a large region located in southeastern France, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The French poet Romain Rolland once said: "The reason why the French are romantic is because of Provence." As the hometown of lavender, patches of lavender must be the best attraction in Provence, and the best season is between mid-June and early August.


Valensole is closely related to the fate of lavender. Without lavender, there would be no Valensole, and without Valensole, there would be no Provence. In the bright sunshine in the morning, only the blue sky and the endless purple are left in the field of vision.

Senanque Abbey

In the mountains of Provence, there is a quiet valley, where there is a monastery with a history of nearly a thousand years, which became famous because of the book "Mountain Dwelling Years". The color of the stone is almost the same as the crushed stone in the lavender field. It is the most beautiful valley in France, and it is the cover scene that Provence shows to the world.


Switzerland: the fusion of snow-capped mountains, lakes and meadows

If winter in Switzerland has a hint of majesty and simplicity, then summer is more like a breeze with the fragrance of flowers. Snow mountains, lakes, grasslands, cattle and sheep...
The snow on the Alps in the distance still does not melt all year round, but the mountains at the foot of the mountain are already beautiful and the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant.


In the Swiss town of Interlaken, you can see the Jungfraujoch from a distance. The scenery is beautiful, just like walking into a fairy tale world.

Nordic Fjords: Thrilling and Beautiful

It is the consensus of travelers that fjords must be seen in Northern Europe. This landform of glacial trough valleys submerged by seawater has deep and wide gorge, and changes in different aesthetic postures at different times.
The Lysefjord winds its way between steep cliffs and majestic mountains. There are huge rocks standing on both sides of the bank, among which the 604-meter-high cliff Brekestrun is the most worth seeing.


Another wonder is the "Miracle Rock". This stone, which is only 5 cubic meters in size, is stuck between the cliffs on the top of the Kjerag Mountain in Northern Europe, about 1,000 meters from the bottom of the valley. Standing on the natural miracle stone, it is almost impossible to keep your feet soft and your heart beating.


The season when the fruit trees are in full bloom is the best time to visit the Hardangerfjord. Among the four fjords, only the two sides of the Hardangerfjord are gentle hillsides, with picturesque pastoral scenery. Every summer, apple and apricot blossoms seem to bloom overnight, and both sides of the fjord become a sea of flowers.


Aegean Sea: Wine-Colored Sea

The best tourist season in the Aegean Sea is from April to October every year. Spring and summer are the most beautiful times on the seashore. At this time, tourists can wear swimsuits and swim in the red ocean.

Affected by climatic factors, the Aegean Sea in July and August in the Aegean Sea is clear and sunny.

The Aegean Sea also has a very wonderful title: "the sea of wine color". Into a deep purple, like wine in a glass.

Crete pink sand beach

This beach in Crete has unique light pink sand grains, and the sea water in the distance is very layered, from shallow to deep. It is one of the beaches that are particularly popular among local and foreign tourists in Greece.

Zakynthos Shipwreck Bay

Many people know Zakynthos because of a popular Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun". Although the name of Zakynthos was not revealed from the beginning to the end of the play, how could the beauty of Shipwreck Bay be easily covered up?

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These 6 European travel destinations suitable for summer are so tantalizing, why not put on a summer short-sleeved skirt and travel lightly, leisurely and leisurely. Only when you go out will you find that summer is a season full of temptations.

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