Super Effective Whole Body Joint Exercise

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The importance of exercising your joints is to enhance their flexibility and stability. Proper joint exercises can increase the strength of muscles and ligaments, reduce joint pain and swelling, promote blood circulation, and improve exercise efficiency and performance. Today we will introduce you a new set of health exercises.

Leg press

  • First, separate your legs shoulder-width apart, straighten your legs, bend your upper body forward, press the left and right knees with the palms of your hands, and press the knees hard 16 times.
  • Exhale when pressing the palm down, inhale when raising the palm.
  • This action can stretch the meridians of the knee joint and prevent leg diseases.


Turn the neck

  • Put your hands on your hips, close your eyes slightly, turn your head, slowly turn clockwise six times, lower your head as much as possible when turning down, and exhale.
  • When turning to the top, lift your head as far as possible and inhale.
  • Then in the opposite direction, use the same method to slowly turn six times.
  • This action can prevent cervical spondylosis and cervical bone hyperplasia, and also has a good effect on improving motion sickness and seasickness.


Squat exercise

  • Extend your arms forward parallel to your shoulders, palms down, slowly bend your legs and squat down, and keep your upper body straight.
  • Exhale when squatting, inhale when standing up. Do this eight times.
  • When squatting, it is best to squat deep and squat to the bottom, but don't force yourself. When standing up, the movement should be slow and not too violent.
  • This action can move the ankle joints and meridians of the legs, enhance the strength of the legs, prevent weakness and pain in the legs and knees, and can also assist in the treatment of hip and knee arthritis.


Rub your knees

  • Please stand up, take a step forward with your right leg and straighten it.
  • Bend the left leg slightly, put the left hand on the right hand, then put both hands on the right knee, and rub the knee clockwise 16 times.
  • After kneading, rub 16 times along the knee from top to bottom.
  • After rubbing, retract the right leg and restore it. For the left leg, use the same method to do knee rubbing and knee rubbing.
  • This exercise can move the knee joint and prevent knee joint disease

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