Reasons Be Excited About BP Doctor Watch MED6

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There are 10 reasons you should be excited about BP doctor watch MED6 4.0 and choose it.AS following...


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1.Memory rims soft silicone pressure bag wear use more comfortable

Using memory rims silicone balloon, hit it off, can adjust freely straight bending, wear the wrist joint, comfortable and convenient.

2.Detachable balloon strap design

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A comprehensive induction signalSmart timing measurement, don't have to worry about forget to measure blood pressureA key to the whole bag take blood pressure measurement, simple and practical is a smart indeed

3.Hardware chip to upgrade measuring accuracy

Integrated high precision pump pressure sensor, arc airbags, human body engineering.Stability in the process of pressure, the promotion blood pressure stability test.

4.Wrist thermometer

The all-weather real-time measurement of temperature, with health monitoring ability, analyzing accurate temperature measurement, master body state, healthy firmly in hand.

5.Real-time heart rate monitoring

Through innovative optical path structure design, combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm, completes the heart rate monitoring and early warning, high heart rate throughout the fast and accurate, comprehensive evaluate the working condition of the heart, your health, need to know.

6.The blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) is combined with the capacity of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood volume percentage of the total hemoglobin, the blood oxygen concentration in the blood.

7."Lung" healthy breathing rate monitoring

A ups and downs is a breathing, chest is a breathe a breath frequency of the number of breaths per minute take a breath. Human body through breathing and breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, to maintain the normal lung function, when adult quiet breathing rate is about 12 to 22 times per minute.

8.Various movement modes

Through the built-in nine axle load force sensor, accurate record your every steps of walking, mileage,Calories and other data. New exercise experience let us love sports.

9.Sleep quality monitoring

The entire automatic monitoring sleep quality, to go to sleep at night sleep for data records, and on the APP rated the quality of sleep.

10.Strong magnetic suction charging

Intelligent power saving algorithm, low-power chips, large capacity battery,Get rid of the frequent charging, life more durable.

After reading these, if you feel excited about our products, come to buy it!