The 14 Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

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The sun is shining and kids are slumped on sofas, staring at screens or complaining about being "bored" while eating cereal. It's time to let them out.

Spending time outdoors has been linked to improved academic performance, better mental health, reduced stress and higher levels of physical activity. Plus, it's interesting. Here are 14 ways to get away from the outdoors and spend more time outside this summer.

Camping and exploring in the backyard. Don't you have camp reservations? no problem Set up a tent in the backyard. You can recreate the entire camp experience -- from making fires and marshmallow cookies to telling ghost stories and sleeping under the stars. Your child will learn practical skills and teamwork while creating summer memories.

Plan a treasure hunt. Give your child a list of objects found in nature and start finding each one. The search for ants, butterflies, red flowers, shamrocks, pine cones, birds, feathers and squirrels can be done in the backyard, nearby or on a nature hike. Choose simple pictures for younger children and more complex puzzles for older children.

Assistant at a sidewalk gallery. Encourage children to experiment with different media, from crayons to watercolors, and make unique works of art. Once their artwork is complete, it will be displayed on the front lawn for the entire community to enjoy, and sidewalk chalk will be used to guide passers-by to their summer art show.

Organize community marches. With a little creativity and some art supplies, kids can turn bikes and buggies into parade floats; With costumes and Musical Instruments, sidewalks became a parade route.

Skiing competitions are held in summer. Draw a large bullseye in chalk on the driveway and assign a value to each ring. Give children a bean bag to throw around and keep score; The winner gets to choose which flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt to eat after the meal.

Rest in a cool place. Hiking is not only good exercise; It also helps children connect with nature and teaches them to respect the outdoors. Choose a beginner's trail and have your child take turns leading the hike. Our goal is to make hiking fun for the whole family, so there's no pressure to record a certain number of miles -- unless you want to compete with the whole family! To make things easier, you can let your child set the pace, even if that means spending more time collecting pine cones and playing with rocks in the creek than hiking.

Plant a garden. Children of all ages should know where their food comes from. Go to a garden centre and pick up a few packets of seeds, plant them in the garden or in a pot on a sunny windowsill and care for them until harvest time.

Your kids will be amazed at how tiny seeds can turn into giant watermelons or juicy tomatoes -- growing their own food can even convince them to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

Host movie nights. You don't need to go to the cinema to see a big movie. When the sun goes down, spread a blanket on the lawn, put on some popcorn, and use a projector to project a movie onto a sheet hanging from the fence. Consider screening a favorite movie from your childhood.

Organize a bike clean. With buckets of soapy water, a sponge and a hose, your child can turn the driveway into a bike wash, polish chrome, wipe mud from bike tires and offer to do the same for neighbors.

Get wet. Sometimes, the best antidote to summer is a cold shower. Pack swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and snacks and spend the day at your local pool.

While some children will be content with playing in the water, those who need more participation can be encouraged to participate in a relay race or bubble blowing competition.

Isn't there a swimming pool? no problem Many parks have splash pads. These wet playgrounds are designed for children of all ages where they can have fun.

Set up a lemonade stand. Encourage your new entrepreneurs to manage all aspects of their pop-up store business - from mixing the perfect product, managing marketing to overseeing sales. They can use the money to buy a new toy or donate a portion of the sales to their favorite charity.

Shop at the farmers market. Make a shopping list and go to the farmers' market to buy something for the park picnic. Buying fruit and vegetable stalls at the market is a great way to interact with farmers, learn what the seasons are and teach your children how to pick the freshest produce.

Organize a wet and wild race. Playing outside can make you sweat, and water balloons are the perfect way to cool off. Fill a few water balloons and divide the children into groups until the last one pops. Both teams are wet. Laugh. This is the perfect way to enjoy the fourth of July outdoors.

Make a mini golf course. Pool surface, rope skipping, wrapping paper, plastic cups, etc. All homemade mini golf courses. Your child will have fun creating lessons.