The Benefits Of Fitness That Girls Should Know

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Do you dread going to the gym? Many girls say that going to the gym is just running and doing yoga, which can be done at home or outside. Why go to the gym? Go to the gym and don't dare to do strength training, for fear that you will develop a muscular body, like the King Kong Barbie body, really can't accept.


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If you think so, then foreign girls will not be so crazy to go to the gym fitness, and you rarely see girls will practice diamond Barbie body ah, we often see a lot of foreign girls go to the gym is to practice out of a good waistcoat line and buttock figure, not diamond Barbie body. So if you want to go to the gym, don't be afraid, because the body of King Kong Barbie is not what you want to build, and you can't build muscle with one stroke of iron oh.

Why is the girl not easy to increase muscle? If you look at guys, it takes a lot of time and effort to build muscle, while girls take at least several times more time and effort to build muscle. Because boys and girls have different body structures, girls don't have the natural muscle building conditions, lack testosterone production, and are not as strong as boys, so it is difficult to build a muscular figure.

Want to know how King Kong Barbie gets her muscle-bound figure? In addition to the heavy weight training you have to do for several hours every day, you also need a lot of protein and good quality fat, so that you can replenish your nutrients and increase the speed of your muscle growth. In addition, some people in order to make their muscles grow larger and stronger, they will take some supplements, which can be harmful to the health of the body. But there are still people who do it.

So if you just do strength training, your body will not become a muscle woman, but do more strength training can make your figure more beautiful, shape a healthy body curve, insist on doing heavy training can also bring you a lot of benefits.

The first benefit is to gain muscle and lose fat in the process of controlling your body fat percentage

Many people will find their weight loss effect is getting worse and worse in the process of losing weight, mainly because excessive aerobic exercise in the process of losing weight consumes the body's muscles, so that the metabolism will decline, so that the effect of losing weight is not so efficient.

If you do strength training consistently, it will help you increase your metabolic capacity as you build muscle and help you control your body fat rate.

The second benefit is that consistent strength training will help you build a toned figure

Many girls say their weight is not more than 100, but the figure will still be bloated and obese, because their fat content is higher than the muscle content, resulting in the body volume appears bloated.

A kilogram of fat is four times the volume of a kilogram of muscle, so losing some fat and increasing the amount of muscle in your body will make you look better and toner.

The third benefit is that you can improve your muscle strength by continuing to retrain

Don't think there are no benefits to improving your muscle strength. It can actually help you perform weight-loss exercises, such as HIIT interval training or boxing, that require some muscle strength.

In addition, muscle strength can effectively help you perform some of the weight tasks in daily life. Improving muscle strength can help us live a better life.

Girls during weight loss do not ignore the importance of strength training oh, and insist on doing strength training people slimming down faster, do not believe that you can stick to try.

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