The Definition of Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

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As the name suggests, a watch-type blood pressure monitor is a watch that is comparable in size to an ordinary watch and can be worn on the wrist for hours or even days to monitor human blood pressure at any time. A watch-style blood pressure monitor is a true wearable medical device.

Watch-type sphygmomanometers are completely different from wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometers. Wearing wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometers on the wrist for more than a few minutes will make the wearer unbearable, so wrist-type sphygmomanometers cannot be called watch-type sphygmomanometers. Any wrist electronic sphygmomanometer or arm electronic sphygmomanometer cannot be used as a wearable device.

In principle, watch blood pressure monitors can be divided into the following categories:
oscillometric watch-type sphygmomanometer
Tension method watch type sphygmomanometer
Photoelectric-electrocardiogram (PPG-ECG) blood pressure tracking watch

Blood pressure measurement is the main means to assess blood pressure level, diagnose hypertension and observe the efficacy of antihypertensive. At present, in clinical and population prevention and control work, three methods are mainly used: office blood pressure, ambulatory blood pressure and home blood pressure.

Continuous monitoring of blood pressure and its changes in hypertensive patients is of great significance for the prevention of hypertension, control of hypertension, and timely treatment of hypertensive patients.

The watch blood pressure monitor can be used for both ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and home blood pressure measurement, and is an ideal blood pressure monitoring device.