The Difference of Men & Women Smart Watch

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First of all, we distinguish between the types of watches. The appearance of women's watches is very characteristic. They decorate and beautify the image of the watch wearer from almost all aspects. Therefore, whether it is from the bracelet, the dial, the strap, the pointer, the case, etc., they are all dedicated to women's appearance.

What about men's watches? Most men's watches have to be considered from a practical point of view, such as watch style, color, phenotype, etc. Men's watches are much more practical and decorative than women's watches. Therefore, women's watches have narrower straps and smaller dials, so women's watches are generally much cheaper than men's watches.

Then from the difference in the decorative style of the watch to make a difference. Generally speaking, the types of women's watches are very complete from head to toe, so there are more pieces to wear; on the contrary, there are fewer types of men's watches than women's, and they are also different in decoration. There are also generally only one or two watches for men, and it is very rare to use four or five watches at the same time, but women often have more watches and are more beautiful.

Finally, distinguish it from the color of the watch. The colors of women's watches can generally be dominated by fresh and elegant colors, and of course there are also rich and gorgeous components. On the other hand, the colors of men's watches are often elegant and stable, just like wearing a gemstone ring, but women's styles can be There are five and six colors, but men choose colorless or light-colored ones. Therefore, women's watches can be made of golden yellow and silver white, as well as white teeth and emerald green and blood red of jewelry, but most of the watches used by men are dark, golden and silver.