The Disadvantage of Smartwatch Smartwatch

Smart watch

Insufficient battery life and frequent charging Smart watches generally charge once every 1-2 days on average. It is limited by reasons such as shape and weight, and cannot be equipped with a larger capacity battery. At the same time, the smart watch also integrates various functions such as heart rate monitoring, sending and receiving text messages/mails, and caller ID, which puts forward more stringent requirements for power consumption.

At present, smart watch manufacturers are also trying to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. Taking the Apple Watch as an example, in order to reduce power consumption as much as possible, this series of products realizes the wrist lift activation function through the built-in gravity sensor. In non-power saving mode, just lift the wrist to display the digital clock. It's just that sometimes the function is not sensitive, which makes it inconvenient to see the time.

With the development and evolution of smart watches, terminal manufacturers gradually optimize battery life and other issues through software and hardware. Taking AppleWatch as an example, after series 3, AppleWatch's battery life has improved by leaps and bounds. Under light use, it can be charged every two days (30 hours). ), 18 hours of heavy use. At the same time, in addition to batteries, fast charging technology and wireless charging technology have developed rapidly in recent years. Whether in terms of battery capacity or charging speed, there is hope to solve the pain point of insufficient battery life of smart watches.

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