The Feature Of Smart Watch

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Spherical three-dimensional tourbillon Jaeger-LeCoultre's top spherical three-dimensional tourbillon, the spherical tourbillon wraps the escapement speed regulating mechanism of the watch in two frames, and the double frames run along different axes respectively. The precise rotating mechanism is like an armillary sphere that measures celestial bodies, making it the most ornamental tourbillon!

The hands and dials of the watch High-end watches usually use blue steel needles. There are many shapes of hands, but they have names and traditions, that is, the famous "Breguet" needle. The hands of sports watches are generally stick-shaped, and most of them are sword-shaped for flight or military use. Louis 15 and Louis 16 hands are basically used in clocks or pocket watches.


The three-proof function of the watch is waterproof. A qualified watch must be sealed and can resist 3 atmospheric pressure. Letter mark of waterproof watch: On the back cover of the watch, WATERRESISTANT, there is usually a waterproof level, and those under 10 atmospheres are considered waterproof for life. There are several ways to identify (1) water depth, such as 30M, (2) pressure: written as 3ATM or 3BAR. Deep diving pressure-resistant watches can be seen up to 600 meters, but when choosing a watch, pay attention to the waterproof value of many watches.