The Features of Smart Watch For Iphone

How to choose smart watch

1. It is necessary to determine what kind of smart watch to use according to your most commonly used mobile phone. If you use an Apple mobile phone, you can not only use iwatch, but also many smart watches with Android system; and if you are an Android phone, you can never use Apple's iwatch. , can only use other brands.

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2. Although the system of the smart watch may be different, it can only be used normally with the mobile phone, so it needs to be connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and the software for managing the watch must be installed on the mobile phone.

3. One of the most important functions of smart watches is to watch the time, just like ordinary watches. The advantage of a smartwatch is that the dial can be replaced at will, whether it is a mechanical retro or a trendy alternative, you can download and install it. In addition, the watch screen can be always on. Like traditional watches, you can also choose not to turn on the screen at ordinary times, and turn on the screen when the hand is raised. The latter saves power.

4. When you need to record your daily exercise, using a smart watch is a good choice. A powerful watch will not only record your steps, the number of stairs climbed at any time, but also the heart rate and other values ​​you can choose. It can also remind you in a timely manner that you have been sitting for too long and need to get up and exercise. So turn on both reminders and notifications on your smartwatch for the best fitness features.

5. When you are busy and can't make calls with your phone in hand, then using a smart watch is a good choice. After connecting the mobile phone and the watch through Bluetooth, the call will be transferred to the watch, and you can use the watch to answer and call directly. At this time, you can continue to do your work.

6. When you are in a meeting, or when you are not allowed to use a mobile phone in some occasions, you can use a smart watch to connect with your mobile phone, so that it is more convenient to use the watch to check text messages or notification information of some software, and not miss important things.