The Fit Watch Solution For The Elderly

Smart watch for  elders

The smart watch for the elderly has heart rate, blood pressure, step counting, and sleep monitoring, and has a good understanding of the health of the elderly; it has two-way calls, voice chat, and keeps chatting online at any time, so that the elderly are no longer lonely; four-fold precise positioning, one-key navigation, in When the elderly need you, be there for the elderly at the first time.

1. Health monitoring: The elderly positioning watch also has detection functions related to the health of the elderly, such as heartbeat detection, pulse detection, and blood pressure detection.

2. Entertainment timing and other functions: such as step counting function, medicine reminder, music drama and other functions, which can increase the joy of life for the elderly and enhance the happiness of the elderly.

3. Positioning function: This is one of the core functions of the elderly positioning watch. The elderly positioning watch adopts multiple positioning such as GPS, Beidou, LBS, WiFi, etc. No matter what the environment is, it can ensure that the watch receives specific location information. When the weather is good, the location can be accurate to 5 to 15 meters. It is the highest standard of civilian locator.

4. Two-way call: Parents and children can be contacted by a quick call through the watch. When the elderly encounter problems, they can call their children for help, communicate in time, and solve them in time.

5. SOS for help: The elderly have an accident at home and when they fall out, they can call for help with one key. In an emergency, they can contact their children in the shortest time and get timely assistance to avoid serious consequences.

6. Electronic fence: If the parents suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases, they can set a safe area for the parents on the map. When the parents leave this area, the watch will automatically send an alarm to the children to keep abreast of the elderly’s movements and prevent them from getting lost.

7. Historical track: The APP can check the 3-month itinerary track, grasp the route and whereabouts of the old man at any time, stay time, and know the real-time location of the parents.