The History of Best Smart Watches

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Before the invention of clocks in the true sense, people recorded time in a variety of primitive ways.

People who don't know much about watches may think that watches only record hours, minutes and seconds. But some watches can also record the month, day and year. Before the invention of the watch, humans in different regions recorded hours, minutes, seconds and months, days and years in different ways. For example, the solar terms in China and the Mayan calendar of the Maya are the smallest units of days to record time to guide agriculture and life. The definition of the first day is the cycle of the sun, such as the sun rises and rises again.

The first hand-wound pocket watch was produced in 1770.
During that period, pocket watches were expensive to manufacture and were often the items of the nobles. For example, Master Breguet made pocket watches for the British royal family (pictured above). Some of Jacques Dro's exquisite clocks were collected by the Chinese emperor (below below) and are preserved in the Palace Museum to this day.