The History of Smart Watch Women

Smart watch for women

Most of us used to think that watches are accessories and toys exclusively for men, but in fact, women have played an important role in the evolution of watch history. In the 1920s, when the social environment was turbulent and women were liberated from the constraints of tradition, women in the new century were independent and confident, and the demand for timekeeping accessories also increased significantly.

With the improvement of social status and economic ability, the rise of women's self-consciousness has also made them interested in mechanical watches. In the past, women's pursuit of lasting value often preferred aesthetic design over functional level and process design. Until more than ten years ago, this phenomenon began to change drastically. Women actually declared their purchasing power for mechanical watches and complicated watches. Interest, and enthusiasm continues unabated, in pursuit of such a watch as a "complication". Just like many well-known actresses, many women's watches on the market can't meet their needs. They prefer large dials, domineering, cool and even "roguelike" Rolexes have become their favorites.

Today, women's choice of watches is no longer bound by the attributes defined by the brand, and those popular men's watches are no longer the exclusive choice of men.