The Origin Of Mother's Day

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Mother's Day originated in Greece, and the ancient Greeks paid tribute to Hera, the mother of the gods in Greek mythology, on this day. In the mid-17th century, Mother's Day spread to England, and the British took the fourth Sunday of Lent as Mother's Day. On this day, young people who are away from home will return home and bring some small gifts to their mothers.

Mother's Day in the modern sense originated in the United States and was initiated by Amanm and Jarvis (1864-1948). She was never married and stayed with her mother all the time. In the 1905 century, Amanm was devastated when his mother died. Two years later (1907), Amanm and her friends began to write letters to influential ministers, businessmen, and parliamentarians to seek support so that Mother's Day could become a statutory holiday. Amanm believes that children often ignore their mother's feelings, and she hopes that Mother's Day will make people think more about what mothers have done for the family.

The first Mother's Day was held in West Virginia and Pennsylvania on May 10, 1908. During this festival, carnations were selected as the flowers dedicated to mothers and passed down.

In 1913, the U.S. Congress passed a bill to make the second Sunday in May each year as the statutory Mother's Day. Mother's Day has since spread!

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Mother's Day in the UK

In England in the seventeenth century, in order to express respect for British mothers, the fourth Sunday of Lent was designated as "Mothering Sunday". People went home to visit their parents on this day and paid respects. (Note: Lent refers to the 40 days before Easter Eve, except Sunday).

At that time, many poor people had to beg for a living in rich people's homes, and were forced to leave their homes to stay with their masters. On Mothering Sunday, the masters would give them a holiday and encourage them to return home to reunite with their mothers. In order to increase the festive atmosphere, a special cake called -mothering cake has also been developed.

With the spread of Christ God in Europe, this festival turned to the reverence of "Mother Church": expressing people's gratitude for the spiritual power that gave them life and protected them from harm. Since then, church ceremonies have been combined with Mother's Day celebrations to convey people's gratitude to mothers and the church at the same time.

Interpretation of MOTHER

  • M (many) Mom gave me a lot
  • O (old) mother is worried about me, the white hair has climbed up your head
  • T (tears) You shed a lot of tears for me
  • H (heart) You have a kind and warm heart
  • E (eyes) Your eyes are always full of love when you look at me
  • R (right) You never lie to us, teach us to do the right thing


Mother's Day in America

In the United States, the earliest record of Mother's Day was put forward by Julia Ward Howe (the author of The Battle Hymn of the Republic) in 1872. She suggested that this day be dedicated to "peace", and in Boston et al. Hold a Mother's Day celebration.

In 1907, Ana Jarvis of Philadelphia campaigned for the creation of a national Mother's Day. Mrs. Jarvis, a mother of 10 children, was the superintendent of the Sunday School of the Grafton Church in the United States at the time. After the end of the Civil War in the United States for the purpose of emancipating black slaves, she was in charge of telling the curriculum of Memorial Day in the school. Jarvis is a kind-hearted, compassionate woman. She told the stories of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for justice in the war. Looking at the childish faces of the children in the audience, a thought suddenly came to her mind: she has contributed so many brave fighters to the motherland. Isn't it the mothers who have worked hard to raise their children who won the war? Isn't it also these unknown mothers whose sons were bloodied on the battlefield and endured the greatest pain and sacrifice? Therefore, she proposed that a Memorial Day or Mother's Day should be set up to give these ordinary women some comfort and express their children's filial piety to their mothers. It is a pity that this good wish has not been realized, and Mrs. Jarvis passed away. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, witnessed her mother's hard work in raising herself and her brothers and sisters, and felt that her mother's proposal was in line with nature and people's hearts. Therefore, she wrote dozens of letters and sent them to the US Congress. Local governors and women's organizations, etc., proposed the creation of Mother's Day. Under her repeated calls, this proposal has received widespread response and support from the community.

In 1914, U.S. President Wilson solemnly announced that the second Sunday in May each year, which is the anniversary of the death of Mrs. Jarvis, would be Mother's Day. The U.S. government also stipulates that on Mother's Day, every household must fly the national flag to show respect for mothers. Because Mrs. Jarvis loved carnation flowers during her lifetime, this flower has become a symbol of Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a festival full of human warmth. On this day, the male members of the family should take care of all the housework, and each of the sons and daughters should do something to please the mother to show their filial piety. Even children who are far away from each other should call their mothers to congratulate them. On this day, the American people will wear a flower on their chests. If the mother is alive, wear a colored flower to express happiness; if the mother is dead, wear a white flower to express sorrow.

Mother's Day all over the world

After the founding of Mother's Day, it has also received support from people all over the world. When Anna Jarvis was alive, 43 countries have established Mother's Day. Today, there are more and more countries celebrating this festival. Mother's Day has become a truly international festival. By convention, "International Mother's Day" is held on May 11 every year. Although, some countries celebrate their Mother's Day at different times of the year. However, most countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium, etc., celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May.

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