The Relationship Of Heart Beat And Blood Pressure

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Many people believe that blood pressure drops when the heart rate is too slow,which is not accurate.In fact,bradycardia is one of the causes of secondary hypertension.

There is always a certain amount of pressure inside the artery, which is blood pressure.Under the action of blood pressure, blood flows continuously, sending fresh blood throughout the body.The fundamental power of blood pressure comes from the heart,which continuously diastolic and contraction, diastolic,each heart chambers filled with blood;When the contraction of the blood jet into the arteries,forming a certain pressure,then measured blood pressure called systolic pressure.

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Arteries are elastic.When the heart contracts to expel blood and the blood flows,the arteries dilate due to their inherent elasticity,storing a lot of energy. When the heart diastolic temporarily stops to the blood vessel inside the ejection,at this time the arterial blood vessel will gradually retract,and then promote the blood to flow forward,at this time the blood pressure is called diastolic pressure.

If the heart beats too slowly,the chambers of the heart fill with more blood during diastole,resulting in more blood being expelled during systole and higher systolic blood pressure.This is the main reason why a slow heart rate leads to high blood pressure.When the heart rate is too slow,the diastolic period of the heart will be prolonged,and the stored energy of the arteries may be released earlier.Before the next systole comes, the blood vessels will have been fully retracted,and the diastolic blood pressure will be reduced.

Therefore, the important characteristics of hypertension caused by slow heart rate are simply increased systolic blood pressure, low or even decreased diastolic blood pressure, and increased pulse pressure difference. As is common in older people, arteries are less elastic and the heart stores less energy during systole, thus releasing less retraction from the arterial wall during diastole.

Many people don't know that bradycardia can lead to high blood pressure. In fact, many hypertensive patients with a very slow heart rate, after correcting bradycardia and raising the heart rate, their blood pressure will decrease, that's why.

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