This Simple Trick Makes It Easier to Wake Up in the Morning and Work Out

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I love doing it first thing in the morning - it guarantees I'll get it done no matter how crazy the rest of my day is! But, listen, I know this can be tough for a lot of people, especially if you're not a natural early bird. So I want to share my secret to motivating myself to work out, even if I don't want to: I get up and put on the cute workout clothes I've laid out the night before.

When I decide to get up the night before and have already got my clothes out, the alarm goes off and I'm even more excited to get dressed, go to the gym, 110%.

Once I know I'm halfway done - figuring out what to wear - it becomes a lot easier. Even if you don't turn on the lights and don't dress up in your thirties, you can confidently know that your clothes fit well, that everything goes together, and that it will look great!

Ready for more sweaty fashion tips? Here's what I have to keep in mind when planning my workouts:

Wear clothes that suit you. Everyone's body is different, and it's hard to say there's a style that's right for everyone. However, when you put on a piece of clothing that makes you feel confident and awesome, bang! I personally love cute sportswear, so I designed my own athleisure collection with MPG Sport. It's full of stylish, stretchy, sweat-wicking sportswear that moves with me. One more thing: don't be afraid to mix and match colors in your clothes - this is a gym and anything goes!

Make things clear. Black is flattering, so if you want to keep your pants black, I understand. But I like to add pops of color to make a statement. Maybe a fun sports bra or tank top, or even shoes.

Make a ponytail. With hair hanging down her face, unable to concentrate on movement, she likes to add a headband to her ponytail. Make my "perfect" and make a normal old pony look cuter. I use one that absorbs sweat, has a certain grip, and doesn't move when my head moves.

Accessories! Whether it's simple stud earrings or your favorite BP watch, don't forget to wear a style or two to complete your workout.