Three Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Legs Active

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When people get old, they are not afraid of graying hair or sagging skin, but they are afraid of inflexible legs and feet.

Some people conclude that among the signs of longevity, "leg muscles are strong" is impressively listed, and some people compare the feet to the second heart of the human body. We also often find that almost all long-lived old people walk steadily and walk like the wind. Flexible legs and easy activities are very important for prolonging life.

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1. Why do people age their legs first?

Backaches and leg pains, inflexible legs and feet, O-shaped legs, etc. after old age are often inseparable from the degeneration of the knee joint. Because the knee joint is the main joint for load-bearing and movement of the lower limbs, the wear and tear of the articular cartilage and meniscus accumulates over time due to daily activities, and the destruction and hyperplasia of the joint bone are gradually formed, making senile knee arthritis the most common joint degenerative disease in the human body. The knee joint has also become the joint most prone to aging and degeneration in the human body.

The onset of knee osteoarthritis generally occurs after the age of 40, and the number of people with the disease is also increasing with age. The pain caused by it brings huge changes to the activities of the elderly and has a huge impact on life.

2. How to prevent premature aging of legs?

# Develop good living habits:

1) Weight control:

Weight control is particularly important in the prevention of knee osteoarthritis. Excessive body burden will cause excessive pressure on the bone, cartilage, half-moon and other structures of the joints, and accelerate the strain and pathological changes of these structures.

Controlling your weight starts with controlling your diet. At the same time, you can also use crutches, walkers and other appliances during daily walking, so don't wait until joint pain occurs to think of using them. Because these devices can reduce the load on the knee joint, it is also a change of direction for the knee joint to reduce weight.

2) Quit drinking and smoking:

Smoking is a must for many people in life and entertainment, but studies have shown that smoking and drinking will affect the bone and blood circulation of the knee joint, and will also increase the risk of knee osteoarthritis. Use increases the risk of many other diseases and should be avoided.

3) Living environment:

Avoid damp and cold living environment. If there is an elevator in the house, try to take the elevator instead of the stairs.

4) Healthy and balanced diet:

Eat a balanced diet, eat more beans, eggs, and milk, and supplement calcium, chondroitin, and amino grapes when necessary.

# Avoid improper exercise

1) Mountain climbing and stair climbing:

Mountain climbing is a sport that many elderly people like to participate in. It can not only exercise the body, but also enjoy the scenery and relax.

Some old residential buildings do not have elevators, and the old people who live there inevitably have to climb the stairs to go home. However, when climbing and climbing stairs, the knee joint is flexed and stressed, which is easy to wear the knee cartilage, meniscus, and accelerate osteophyte hyperplasia and joint damage.

# Carry out appropriate exercise activities

1) Muscle exercise:

For example, exercises such as knee extension and leg raising, resistance knee flexion, heel raising, and lower limb extension can enhance the strength of the muscles around the joints, which play an important role in the stability of the knee joints, can buffer the impact of the knee joints and improve the stability of the knee joints. Regulation of weight-bearing status.

2) Joint mobility exercise:

For example, no-resistance cycling equipment training at home, the load on the knee joint is small, and the joint mobility can also be exercised.

3) Water exercise:

  • Relying on buoyancy in water, when the joint load is very small, it can effectively reduce the joint load. for example:
  • Walking with knee flexion during walking;
  • Stand on one leg, bend and extend the opposite knee, abduct and adduct the hip;
  • Standing up and squatting in water;
  • Various swimming styles.

4) Proper walking:

The amount of walking is based on the fact that the joint pain does not increase after walking. Some people think that a more reasonable number of steps should be that the knee joint pain disappears within 2 hours after walking without any medical treatment. If this amount of walking is exceeded, joint degeneration may be aggravated. Through BP Smartwatch, you can track your own sports conditions, such as steps, distance, speed, etc. When the set value is reached, you can stop walking to protect your health.

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Protect our knee joints and let us enjoy a healthy life.