Train Lower Body To Make Your Figure More Shapely

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If we want to have a particularly perfect figure, simply controlling our diet and doing some aerobic exercise will not allow us to achieve our goal, because it will only make us lose weight and control our weight, but it will not help us shape our body. We must carry out a series of strength training for the body, so that we can make the entire body line fuller and create a particularly ideal body line.

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1.The benefits of strength training are many

Strength training can not only help us shape our body, but also exercise our muscles. Muscle gain can also indirectly increase our basal metabolism. An increase in basal metabolism means that our daily calorie consumption will be higher, so regular strength training can indirectly accelerate fat burning and help us lose excess body fat faster. And the increase in muscle content can also protect the joints, stimulate bone growth and prevent osteoporosis when you are old.

2.The training of the buttocks and legs is very important

In the process of training, the hips and legs are a very important part. The hips and legs occupy most of the proportion of the body, and the lines of the hips and legs are coordinated to make the body look more perfect. Especially for girls, the perfect buttocks and legs will make them look very thin and healthy, but many girls have such a worry when they practice their buttocks, that is, will they exercise their buttocks? It will make your thighs thicker, but it's not the case.

3.Butt leg training will not thick legs

No matter what part we train, we should pay attention to this part. The coordinated development of other muscle groups, hips and legs are no exception. It is also very important for us to train a particularly full buttocks and legs, and for girls, usually Those who lack enough training have developed particularly strong thigh muscles. Don't worry, everyone. Today we will share with you a set of training exercises for the hips and legs.

Action 1. Barbell front squat

We put the barbell on the chest, support the barbell with both hands, straighten the back and tighten the stomach, and separate the legs.

Then we use it as a squat action, just squat until the thighs are parallel to the ground, and pay attention to the direction of the toes and knees when squatting.

Action 2. Barbell Hip Push

We put the barbell on the waist and abdomen, separate the legs, and then we rely on the strength of the hips to push the barbell upwards.

When reaching the apex, stop for a while. We must pay attention to the hips not touching the ground when the buttocks are restored.

Action 3. Barbell back lunge squat

We carry the barbell on our shoulders, support the barbell with our hands, separate our legs slightly, straighten our back and tighten our stomach.

Then we withdraw one leg back and do a squat, squatting until the front leg is parallel to the ground, but be careful not to touch the ground with the knee of the back leg.

Action 4. Hanging leg bending

We lie on the stool, the upper body is close to the stool, and the legs are naturally stretched forward.

Hang our feet on the top of the handle to ensure the stability of the upper body. Then we rely on the strength of the thighs and buttocks to bend forward of the body, and the legs reach the apex and stop for a while.

Feel the full contraction and stretch of the muscles on the back of the thigh, and then restore it.

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When we do this set of movements, we must pay attention to warming up in advance. After fully warming up, we will ensure that every movement is in position. After we are done, we will do corresponding stretching movements to relax our muscles. We are controlling our diet reasonably so that we can have perfect lines.

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