Try Exercising Leg Muscles To Protect Knees

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As the joint with the highest requirements for human movement, the knee joint sometimes needs to bear most of the body's strength, so it is very vulnerable to damage. How to better protect the knee joint? The strength of the thigh muscles can provide corresponding protection for the knee joints. Daily maintenance of the knee joints can start with exercising the leg muscles.

First of all, starting from the exercise of leg muscle strength, the following two exercises are simple and convenient:

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Squatting against the wall】

  • With your back against the wall, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly apart.
  • When squatting, the body is parallel to the wall, until the angle between the knees is 90 degrees, and then stand up, and the body should still be upright when getting up.
  • 20-30 seconds each time, gradually increase the time to 60 seconds depending on the situation. 10-20 minutes a day.

Squat against the wall uses the principle of muscle contraction to practice the endurance and strength of the thigh muscles, thereby strengthening the knee muscles and relieving arthritis caused by muscle degeneration. This action can be done at home or in the office.


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  • Standing on one leg, raise the other leg forward and upward until the legs form a 90-degree angle.
  • Or sit on a stool, lift your legs and hook your feet vigorously.
  • This action can effectively strengthen the leg muscles and prevent knee injuries.

Different postures bear different forces on the joints. The more weight you bear, the greater the chance of joint wear and tear. Therefore, in daily life, you should pay attention to the damage to the knee joints in some postures, such as squatting for a long time, kneeling to wipe the floor , Sedentary and so on. When sitting for a long time, the knee joint is in a state of flexion for a long time, and the articular cartilage is under pressure for a long time, and its wear resistance will decrease. Therefore, avoid sitting for a long time, stand up and move for 3 to 5 minutes every hour, or straighten your legs from time to time, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the knee joint. Avoid repeated squats or squats for a long time, climbing mountains, going up and down stairs, etc.

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