Want the fastest, most effective abs? It's the best way!

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Abdominal muscles occupy a larger area, it is located below the pectoral muscles, belong to the small muscle group, need to be often repeated training to be effective.

Because the abdominal muscles are located under the abdomen, and the abdomen is easy to accumulate fat, the abdomen deep and visceral, so the training intensity can not be too high.

So how to practice abdominal muscles the fastest and most effective?

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1. Run 5km every morning

The preconditions for abdominal muscle development are: low body fat, no excess belly fat.

The most effective way to get rid of belly fat is through "aerobic exercise," and a less intense, long-term program is morning running.

Since you didn't eat before your morning workout, you're on an empty stomach, and you burn more glycogen later in the day, burning 100 calories more than you normally would.

It is recommended to run 5km every morning at an average pace of 7 minutes per kilometre. This will burn 350 calories each time.

2. Do one ab move a day

In addition to aerobic exercise, you also need to train your abdominal muscles.

There are four regular abs: lying on your back, leg raises on your back, sitting turns, and planks.

You can do 1 AB movement a day:

  • Do 60 supine curls on the first day.
  • The next day do 50 supine leg lifts.
  • On the third day do 70 seated turns.
  • Day 4 Do the plank for 150 seconds.

Note: When training, you can break it down into 4-5 sets, especially the first three movements need to slow down, so as to increase the contraction of abdominal muscles. And plank is a static abdominal muscle movement, adhere to the longer time, the better the stimulation effect on the deep abdominal muscle group.

Pick up the pace once you're good at it. Do it all at once to increase abdominal endurance and burn belly fat faster. You'll lose fat while training your abs.

3. Choose a combination of 6 movements

When abdominal fat is significantly reduced and abdominal muscle strength is significantly increased, more abdominal movements need to be added.

In addition to the previous four movements, we also need to add "lying on both ends and sitting legs" two movements.

Every time you train, you need to combine 6 movements and practice them all at once.

Use the following training plan:

  • Supine roll: 5 groups *12
  • Supine leg lift: 5 sets *10
  • Supine from two ends: 4 groups *10
  • Seated leg retract: 5 groups *14
  • Sitting and turning: 4 groups *15
  • Plank: 5 sets *30 seconds

Note: Rest for 10 seconds between each set of movements, and rest for 20 seconds between each movement. If you are exhausted in the middle, you can use some strength or speed up, so that you can finish it easily.

For the final plank, hold your hands together in a fist position to extend the workout.

It is recommended to train once every 1 day, and it is best to train before dinner in the evening.


If you want to develop abs faster, first of all, you should eliminate excess belly fat by running 5km every day in the morning. Then do one abdominal exercise a day, working in concert with each other. Finally, combine 6 abdominal muscle movements directly and train once every other day to stimulate abdominal muscle better.

According to these three steps, normal 3-6 months or so, you can let the abdominal muscles show, the key is to adhere to.

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